Google Can’t Let Outraged Farmers Win

By:  H.T.

Google currently is in the news as one of its employees was fired for posting a memo that stated his displeasure with Google seemly cosying up to far left figures and scholars that believe that the best way to fight sexism and racism is by censoring the internet.

This goes to why I’ve grown to be irritated with regressive figures on the left of the socio-political landscape who believe that by telling people what they can or cannot say, we’re making a better world.  It’s almost as if they need to watch Demolition Man and realize that the moral of that story was that making a less problematic world doesn’t make it necessarily better.  But they don’t care.

No, Google thinks that by having a clear slant in their political views that this will work out when even Chick-fil-A is willing to reach across the aisle when a gay nightclub is shot up.  But they don’t care; and frankly for the wrong reasons.  The logic of social justice warriors is that we can’t allow sexist, racist, transphobic or any phobic language on the internet because by not stopping it we’re excusing the deaths of people killed by bigots.  This lets me know we’re dealing with people who don’t understand that correlation does not equal causation.  Just because two people share views doesn’t mean they operate the same way or even think the same way.  There are many people in Gamergate that I share views with but don’t fully agree with.  There are white supremacist groups that don’t get along, there are black nationalists groups that don’t get along.  Hell, even hoteps or the alt-right can’t work together amongst themselves.  So to assume misogyny is enough to unify people speaks more to their delusions than their goals.

The simple fact is that to truly get the kind of censorship they want, it would have to come at the cost of net neutrality, which I imagine might be beneficial to a few of the types that are pushing for the internet to favor their narratives.  But I don’t think it’s that simple.  I think if it’s anything, it’s naïveté wrapped up in the idea of making a just world.  It’s at this point that I could use the analogy that Death Note was all about one man with a very narrow idea of morality trying to shape the world into his idea of a utopia by unethical means, but I won’t, instead, I’ll tell you a story:

When I was in middle school, we used to have days where kids could bring in their gaming system and we played games.  Now, what we were allowed to play was very limited, but fair.  And we had a good time, until…one kid’s mom complained.  Now I want to point out that we didn’t play anything too violent, the most we were allowed to play was Smash Brothers and Star Fox.  But no, because one kid’s mom decided that her son didn’t need to be exposed to such explicit and demonic images, we didn’t need to let kids play video games in school anymore.  Eventually, she got her wish and soon everyone suffered for it, but none more than the son who eventually had to transfer because kids grew to hate him and couldn’t concentrate.

The point of that story is that it’s not that it’s wrong for Google to be left leaning, it’s a problem because they’re showing bias to the side that wants everyone to shut up, only talk about certain things, and be in lockstep politically on issues.  The problem is that sites like Twitter, Facebook and Google are pushing to have the kinds of people that use the logic “do as I say or I’ll make you a pariah” have clout.  As much as anyone can disagree with harassment against anyone, these are people who have no issue with getting people fired from their jobs over saying offensive things.

These are the kind of people Google is turning to curve the issue of the internet being full of people saying what they want to who they want.  The belief is that by turning to the victims, we can stop the bad guys, but no one ever takes into account why these people were targeted.  Yes, sometimes you need to blame the victim for why people target them, and in this case it’s trying to garner sympathy for incompetence in the name of fighting sexism.  Again, Gamergate jumped off because people saw meritocracy being replaced with political compliance and weren’t silent.

Keep in mind, it’s not even that the conservative or right leaning minds in tech want only their voices heard.  They just want a dialogue.  But when all the fat left leaning people say that disagreeing with them makes you worse than Hitler, only the weak-willed back down.  And this is what’s becoming of these tech companies led by rich, weak statured, beta male tech moguls that believe that not bending to every loudmouth that calls them a sexist or racist means they’ll be broke or cast out if society.

In the end, Zuckerberg, Page, and Dorsey need to man up, tell these hysterical charlatans where to go with their gospel of an equal world and go back to business as usual.  Twitter already is stagnating on users since giving a blue check to every self righteous twit that complains about misogyny and YouTube is becoming a money pit.  On this day, they must ask themselves, what matters more:  everything they worked hard for or the prattling of a few pedantic hipsters that live off outrage?

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