Usher Possibly Likes Big Women & People are Shocked. But Why?

Normally, I wouldn’t give a damn about a topic like this, but for some reason I do.  I watched the press conference earlier of Quantasia Sharpton & Lisa Bloom stating that Usher exposed Quantasia to herpes, yet she didn’t contract the disease.  What initially caught my attention was me not knowing that a person could be sued for simply exposing a person to an STD despite the exposed person not catching the STD.  That immediately made me wonder about all of the women who stay out in these streets hustling their drawers to dudes who promise to take them to the Waffle House after a night of clubbing.  But what next caught my attention were the comments that were flooding social media about Quantasia’s weight and how there’s no way in the world that superstar sex symbol Usher would lower his presumed standards to possibly sleep with this woman.

Then I thought mid-90s to early 2000s sex symbol who goes by the name of D’Angelo.  That’s right, Mr. All Up In The Video Booty Bucked Nekked How Does It Feel D’Angelo.  The reason he immediately came to mind was to dispel this myth that just because somebody is a superstar, so-called R&B sex symbol that these people MUST only be with the cream of the crop type of women in terms of physical looks.  Well, to those of you who may have forgotten, during D’Angelo’s rise to superstardom all the way up to his How Does It Feel days (where is sex symbol status skyrocketed for obvious reasons), guess who his girlfriend/baby mama was/is?  That person would be the wonderful singer by the name of Angie Stone.  You know, the woman who sang these timeless classics…

Now, if you’ve seen any D’Angelo video from back in the day, you would know that damn near every woman he paraded around in his videos were certified dime pieces as far as looks are concerned for the most part.  They were all light skin or brown skin for the most part, petite and fine as fuck.  One could easily form a conclusion that the type of women D’Angelo were possibly dealing with around the height of his career HAD to resemble the women in his music videos.  But no.  The woman he decided to lay claim to during that time frame was Angie Stone.  Now don’t get this twisted in thinking I’m trying to shit on Angie Stone because I’m not.  I’m merely stating this because Angie Stone around that time was not a petite woman.  She was a big woman and she was dark skinned.  She was the complete opposite of all the women featured in most of D’Angelo’s videos…yet she was the woman he laid claim to, something a lot of people probably couldn’t comprehend.

But exactly what is it to comprehend?  You like who you like.  Granted I can understand how one’s personal preferences may not mesh well with an image entertainers are pushing in order to sell records, but still, at the end of the day…you like who you like.  Now I have no clue if Usher is into big women & I honestly don’t give a shit.  I just wrote this piece to point out the bullshit I see on social media coming from people who honestly believe that a dude as rich & famous as Usher couldn’t possibly sleep with a big woman like Quantasia Sharpton simply because the R&B sex symbol image Usher has been selling for 20+ years just doesn’t line up with what people are expecting from him. Maybe he did sleep with her, maybe he didn’t.  I have no fucking clue and I really don’t give a damn.  It’s not like I’m running out to buy his albums, attend his concerts or join his fan club.  He’s just another rich nigga who can sing & dance who may be out there spreading the coodies as far as I’m concerned.

Your favorite mulatto.

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