Deadpool 2: Debuts Domino as a Woman of Color

By:  Asher Primus

White people, especially white nerds do not like it when their fantasy comic world gets invaded by the SJW community as POC beg for diverse characters of various races and sexualities.

White nerds were outraged over actress Zazie Beetz playing Domino in Deadpool 2.  Fans were expecting a more accurate depiction of the character, despite the main issue over her race.

Meanwhile, white moviegoers will see the movie regardless due to their own our religious fandom and love for easter eggs.  This is the same dilemma they are having and debating in regards to whether or not to see Black Panther.  They hate that black people will be watching the movie with them, but it’s a comic book movie and they cannot pass up not being on the know for future Marvel films.

As for me, I am on the fence and weary of race-switching characters to cheesily attract a black audience.  Producers now know how powerful the black moviegoer is whether they are hardcore fans or just in it for the trend.  Black women played a huge role as their numbers supported Girls Trip as one of the best comedies so far this year.  They were even blamed for the flopped of Nate Parker’s Birth of a Nation.  White producers and directors know that wokeness and token pro-black characters in white spaces welcome the black audience along with hopefully good publicity on black media outlets.

I do not know what the director of Deadpool is trying to do with a newly black Domino, but the reveal poster is already creating buzz.  I am not a fan of the Foxy Brown look because like usual, the conscious black woman ends up being scripted for the attraction of white men.  For example, the film version of Dear White People was purposed to be the millennial School Daze, but instead we get a token pro-blackness that ends up being a satire, yet realistic love-hate relationship pro-blacks have with white males.  Granted as of now, we do not know if Domino and Deadpool will be a couple.

But I am still annoyed with the poor hanging of diverse characters in Spiderman:  Homecoming with Michelle in particular, as she is a woke girl of color who is starting to like Peter Parker.  In my opinion, Zendaya’s role was depressing.  She had no friends and lacked self-esteemed.  She was just a weird girl for no reason.  In reference to my review of the movie, I shook my head at the scene when Michelle ruined a good trip to Washington D.C. because the monument was built by slaves.

Hence, why I hate comic book diversity.  Surprisingly, DC Comics handles it a lot better even in the CW-series universe.  For example, The Flash’s girlfriend is black and Kid Flash as well.  The newly black characters do not go all “Black Twitter” to be more relatable to the black audience.  Iris does not talk to her father (who works in law enforcement) about police brutality.  Thankfully, there are no “Guess Whose Coming to Dinner” moments as no one gives a damn that they are an interracial couple.

Give black fans enjoyable moments with good dialogue and sympathetic characters.  As for Domino, I could care less about race, but Marvel please do not turn black characters to 70s caricatures.  Then again, I am not holding my breath, but I like the reality check that even white men may give black women token positions, yet they will not be respected in their spaces or perceived as a sex symbol.  For god’s sake, they even hate her afro.

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