In Order to Not be Accused of Oppression, You Have to Support EVERYBODY’S Lifestyle Choices

Do you know what the difference between a pedophile & a child molester is?  I would venture that most people probably don’t know as most people tend to use the terms interchangeably, to which I do not disagree with at all.  But for those of you interested in finding out what the difference is, it’s rather simple.  A pedophile is simply a person who has a sexual attraction to prepubescent children.  A child molester is a person who touches or engages in any type of sexual act with a child.  On the surface, they both appear to be the same, but in reality, they are not.  One is simply a person who has a sexual attraction to children but has not acted out on the sexual attraction…yet totally 100% LEGAL.  As a matter of fact, you probably walk by a handful of pedophiles every single day & don’t even realize it.  The other is a person who has officially crossed the line of acting out on their attraction…totally 100% ILLEGAL.  To sum it up, all pedophiles are not child molesters but all child molesters are pedophiles.

Why am I bringing this up?  Good question.

Have you heard of an organization called NAMBLA?  NAMBLA stands for North American Man/Boy Love Association.  NAMBLA is an organization that has been attempting to normalize relationships between grown ass men & underage boys for years now.  NAMBLA opposes age-of-consent laws.  According to NAMBLA’s frequently asked questions portion of their website, NAMBLA full heartedly believes that it is possible for a grown ass man & a boy to engage in a healthy sexual relationship.

So what the fuck does this have to do with anything?  Good question.

I was told recently by a commenter on my Facebook fan page that…

The simple truth is this: It’s problematic for members of any one marginalized group to challenge the progress made by members of another.

Basically, since I am a member of an oppressed group (the American Knee Grow) that it is problematic for me to disagree with the progress made by members of another group.  Well…ok.  If that’s the case, then by that logic, everybody who claims to be fighting against oppression should be fighting on behalf of NAMBLA and their efforts to normalize & legalize relationships between grown ass men & boys.

“B-b-but…NAMBLA is a group that wants to legalize child molestation & statutory rape!”

Not according to NAMBLA’s website.  NAMBLA appears to be nothing more than a group of people who support pedophilia, which if you scroll back up to the top of this rant, pedophilia is not a crime.  Pedophilia only becomes a crime when a person acts out on their pedophilia desires.  I’m willing to bet that members of NAMBLA and their supporters probably feel like they are being oppressed as well because they are legally not allowed to completely live out their lives in the manner they believe they should be able to.  That manner being, engaging in a sexual relationship with a minor.  I’m willing to bet NAMBLA feels like the gay population once felt when it was once socially unacceptable and/or illegal to live a lifestyle that wasn’t viewed as straight.  I’m willing to bet that damn near any argument a person could used to justify the lifestyle of the LGBTQIA community could easily be applied to that of NAMBLA.  So to the people who take an issue with me in regards to my last rant about the trans community to the point where some of you are accusing me of supporting white supremacist rhetoric, well…are you going to break out your bullhorns & marching shoes to stand up for the rights of grown ass men who possess sexual desires for underage boys?  I mean, these people (to my knowledge) haven’t committed any crimes and these people (according to their website) genuinely believe that there is nothing illegal or immoral about a grown ass man engaging in a sexual relationship with a boy.  If you don’t support the lifestyle these people at NAMBLA are trying to make acceptable in society’s eyes, are you going to toss yourself into the category of supporting white supremacist rhetoric as well?  I mean, it seems only right.  I mean shit, according to NAMBLA’s website, they seem to advocate pretty hard for the gay community.  I’m just saying…go read their FAQ page.  I wonder how many gay men probably felt somewhat similar to what NAMBLA is describing below when they were kids.  🤔

Anyways, my point in bringing all of this up is this…more than likely not a single person reading this will openly admit to supporting anything NAMBLA is talking about when it comes to sexual relationships between grown ass men and boys.  More than likely none of you will attempt to justify child molestation (as you SHOULDN’T) and most of you will not attempt to normalize pedophilia despite there being a difference between being a pedophile & a child molester.  But, for those of you out there with your social media bullhorns demanding that EVERYBODY accept EVERYBODY’S lifestyle choices or else you are supporting white supremacy, well…if you Mr., Mrs. or Ms. Social Justice Warrior don’t support the mission of NAMBLA to normalize the perception of grown ass men being sexually attracted to boys (because the attraction part is 100% legal), then you Mr., Mrs. or Ms. Social Justice Warrior are supporting white supremacy rhetoric your damn self because you do not want to allow these grown ass men to live their lives open & free to express their sexual attraction towards children without being ostracized by society.  But of course, you will never view yourself in that manner and I will never expect you to view yourself in that manner because I too do NOT believe these people should be normalized & tolerated period.

But when it comes to other people who haven’t committed any crimes and they just want to live their lifestyle as free as they desire, if I disagree with them I’m automatically accused of supporting oppression.  It doesn’t matter if I have actually done anything to demonstrate any willingness to support oppression, just the mere disagreement with a lifestyle choice alone is enough for the social justice warrior crowd to deem you to be a supporter of white supremacy & oppression.  This is just how stupid most of these social justice warriors have allowed themselves to become these days.

Your favorite mulatto.
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