If Certain Points of View Aligns Me with White Supremacist Rhetoric, Then So Be It

We live in a society where if you are not 100% inline with every single person’s philosophies on how they feel they should live their life, then people will attempt to say you are thinking & acting like a white supremacist.  If you don’t agree with the homosexual lifestyle, if you don’t agree with swirling, if you don’t agree with the trans community lifestyle, if you believe that a man is the head of his household, if you believe in capitalism…essentially it doesn’t matter what you believe in.  What it all boils down to is that you are expected to be 100% in support of every single person & all of their views (minus the views of those espousing straight up white supremacy rhetoric of course).

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:

Yesterday I wrote about my disdain with the trans community in regards to how there are so many people who support members of this community not having to disclose their trans status prior to engaging in any form of intimacy with a straight person.  I posted this article to my Facebook fan page and one person left this comment:

I believe most people are fed up.  Some of us feel that this whole gender politic shit is getting shoved down the throats of straight people to make them feel bad about their own feelings and opinions as if we need to treat the LGBTQ community like endangered animals in the wild meanwhile all manner of social ills and problems much bigger than theirs is going on around us.  Personally I have a cousin and a half who are gay but we don’t even talk and we aren’t close.  I’m just not a part of their world and vice versa.  So I understand your rant, I’m sick of this “distraction” that’s got nothing to do with me.  If they want hugs, compassion etc. buy a Care Bear.  If the want respect, it’s earned not given, they can all kick rocks.

Immediately up under that comment, another person responded by saying:

This is what white supremacist say about black people.  You could have copied and pasted this.

Granted, you quite possibly could copy and paste that comment onto a discussion surrounding stereotypical racism & white supremacy rhetoric.  But the problem is, this discussion isn’t about racism or white supremacy.  Nor is this discussion seeking to oppress people from living the best life they possibly can.  The original comment was merely a comment expressing frustration about the conditioning of society to where people feel as if they are being forced to accept any & every aspect of other people’s lives.  No where in the comment or in my trans community article is there anything remotely implying that trans people shouldn’t be able to peacefully live out their lives in the best manner they see fit.

I don’t have to 100% agree with every single thing a person does in order for me to not be viewed as aligning myself with white supremacy rhetoric.  I don’t have to be a fucking champion of all causes and I’m not going to be.  Just like the original commenter stated, if I don’t agree with all of this gender politic rhetoric for whatever reason, then I just don’t agree with it.  My disagreement is in no way implying that you can’t live your life how you want, but don’t sit here & try to convey to me that I can’t hold the views that I believe in all because you feel they are aligned with white supremacy rhetoric.  If you honestly believe certain views I hold are aligned with white supremacy rhetoric, then fuck it.  It is what it is.  I’m not out to please everybody and I’m certainly not looking to change my core beliefs on certain things just to appease you.  As long as my beliefs don’t hinder or negatively impact your lifestyle, then you can’t honestly sit up here & try to equate my beliefs to that of a white supremacist.  A white supremacist seeks to oppress people either by force or by systematic practices to enforce their beliefs.  Somebody like me who gets tired of feeling like I have to accept any & every lifestyle just because society tells me I should isn’t me seeking to oppress anybody by force or systematic practices.  That is simply me not agreeing with what I may believe to possibly be bullshit coming from you.  I rarely drink alcohol and I’m not a fan of being around people who like to get drunk.  So does my disagreement of the partaking in alcohol put me inline with white supremacist rhetoric too?  If you believe it does, then too bad.  If you want someone to 100% support any & everything you do, go seek that acceptance from you mama.

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