This is Why the Transgender Community Gets No Respect From Me

When it comes to the LGBT community, I usually don’t say much in regards to their struggles because, truth be told, their struggles are not a concern of mine.  That doesn’t mean I wish them harm, but I don’t really have much to say about the LGBT crowd in regards to their struggles.  I just don’t.  However, I do have something to say in regards to trans people especially since comedian Lil Duval made the rounds recently over his comments in regards to trans “women”.

First of all, I am not a fan of calling a person who was born a certain sex the opposite of what they were born simply because society is trying to shame people into respecting people’s feels.  You all know my motto…fuck ya feels.  If you were born a dude with a cock & balls, don’t expect me to run around saying trans woman or addressing you with feminine pronouns.  It’s probably not about to happen.  Don’t take it as disrespect, but even if you do, understand…I don’t see a woman when I look at you.  For women who transform themselves into men, it’s the same way.  If I can tell you are a trans person, don’t honestly sit up here and expect me to pretend like I don’t see what I see.  Shit is not about to happen.  And if you honestly expect me to pretend like I don’t see what I see, then you are an idiot.  The same way people see Rachel Dolezal as a white woman pretending to be black is more than likely how I will see you pretending to be the sex you were not born.  Call me transphobic, sexist, misogynistic all that shit…it is what it is.

Now, if you feel you were meant to be the opposite sex in your mind, fine, handle your business.  Live your life as happy & healthy as you see fit.  I personally could give no fucks about your decision.  But I will tell you where I do have a problem with trans people.  The problem I have with this community is how it appears to be so much support for people within this community to NOT have to disclose their trans status to natural born males/females when it comes to issues of intimacy.

In any setting outside of potential intimacy of varying sorts, I would quite possibly agree with the statement in the screenshot above from Desirey Wester.  Take for instance, if I’m in line at the store talking with a person on some casual stranger type of shit, more than likely me asking this person if they are a trans person (regardless of if I can tell or not) is probably not about to come up.  Why?  What point does it serve?  But let’s say, I’m out and about and I see what I believe to be a very attractive woman & I approach this so-called “woman” because I do find her attractive under the belief that she is a natural born woman (since I am a heterosexual male), well at the point should a trans “woman” be obligated to inform me of their trans status in order to allow for me to make a decision about whether or not I want to continue to approach this person in an intimate manner (assuming this “woman” didn’t reject my initial intimate advances).  Now, exactly what is the problem that trans people & their supporters take with this stance?  The reason I’m asking this is because there are quite a few trans people whom more than likely a natural born male/female wouldn’t be able to tell because either their surgery and/or makeup is just that damn good.  For those who do fall into that category of where most people can’t tell yet you refuse to inform people of your trans status who show intimate interest in you, then you are simply attempting to be deceiving on purpose.  There is no other way to explain your actions.  And if that is the case, then you shouldn’t be shocked if a deceived person quite possibly acts out violently towards you in some manner after some form of intimacy has commenced.  Seriously, let us all stop pretending like a man who engages in some form of intimacy with a trans “woman” is just going to be all calm, cool & collected after discovering this “woman” was born with a dick.  It’s probably not about to happen in most instances.  When I say intimacy, that could be anything ranging from a kiss to full blown fucking.  But then again, if a natural born male/female reached the level of full blown fucking with a trans person, then I myself would find it very hard to believe that this natural born male/female DIDN’T know what the deal was before the fucking began.

Anyways, I initially had all of these points I wanted to address surrounding this topic, but at this point I’m just not that interested in doing that.  I guess I just wanted to put it out to the transgender/sexual community that if you feel you don’t have disclose your trans status to a person who shows intimate interest in you, then you are doing yourself & your community a grave disservice.  I’m not advocating for violence against anybody, but I’m not going to sit here & pretend like I don’t understand why a person might react violently and you all fully understand this as well, so please so stop acting like you don’t.  Also, please stop using the “trans people are violently attacked all the time” argument as a way to justify this bullshit of not informing people of your status.  The mere fact that so many of you support this position of not telling people who & what you really are, well, how in the hell is that supposed to make people like me more accepting of the trans community when you honestly feel you have no right to inform people about your status prior to intimacy?  The fuck outta here with the bullshit.

Your favorite mulatto.

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