Charlamagne Tha God, You Need to Follow the White Boys

By:  Asher Primus

As a black man for starters your opinion or well-being does not matter, instead you have to be the face of justice for other groups of people who do not do the same on your behalf.

As a black man, your opinion does not matter, so we have to sit down and shut up.  Black men have to apologize for their mere existence as a man, while simultaneously being scorned for not being a man.

I may not always agree with Tariq Nasheed, Obsidian Radio, Jason Black, Oshay Duke Jackson or even Tommy Sotomayor, but their platforms are almost untouchable.

Granted, these social media moguls have had their fair share of drama that affected their fanbase and income, but the more the system tries to reject them the more supportive their fans become.  Hence, why Tommy Sotomayor cannot be permanently taken from YouTube.

What all these black men have in common is that they have a niche audience.  They are not worried about making black people feel comfortable, rather it’s the complete opposite.  They have centered their platforms for the most underrated source of audience…the black male.

The black man is a troubled individual who lacks respect, especially from his own woman.  I see black men appear on popular black media outlets and they are either presenting themselves as the asexual good black man or gay friend.  These black men have to agree or they will be guilted as coons or self-haters for not agreeing with a ‘sistah.’

Before I state my opinion, I have nothing against the LGBT community, in particular with the trans community.  I have to call out the unnecessary boycott of the Breakfast Club.  Lil Duval has every right to say whatever he wants.  Granted, he did add a disclaimer that he would never have a sexual encounter with a transwoman.  So, the alleged threat is null and void hypothetical.  What angered me was Angela Yee trying to persuade Lil Duval in agreeing that transwomen are real woman and that they are beautiful in a heterosexual perspective.  To be raw and honest, dick and pussy are not the same thing, no matter the face or sexuality of the person.

Black women have drunk the social justice Kool-Aid to where even they are too scared to call out the differences in genitals.  The harshness from black against gays stems from the decades of being effeminized.  We were hit with being on the downlow by our own women and then it became a rating booster for talk shows.  Black men wanted their manhood back…

…And being unapologetic is a start.  Black men need to cut ties with feminism and black female centered platforms.  Our views are nothing new and white men have been saying the same thing without a care for decades.  There are tons of white YouTubers and radio talk show host who hate blacks, gays or everyone in general and their lives are not threatened.  Do you think President Trump walks in fear because Black Twitter does not like him?  This why I voted for him because we as black men need this privilege to be ourselves without a care of what liberals or the popular decision states.  White men will say the most disparaging things about their own women, but white women still run back to white men.  Even white feminists give in.

It is time for Charlamagne Tha God to leave the Breakfast Club and learn from the white YouTubers that he does not need to fear liberals.  He needs to gather a new audience of black men only.  Most of my friends and classmates know how unapologetic I can be in regard to race and gender.  I do not have many friends, but I have not let that stop me from being myself.  White men are uncensored and people become numb to it.

As for the articles I write, I am not afraid of black Twitter, feminism or women who never liked me from the start.  Black men’s opinions matter.  We do not need to conduct ourselves as gimmicky WWE superstars who need crowd chants to unlock our finishing move.

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