My Reasoning for Voting for Trump

By:  Asher Primus

The 2016 election was ugly.  Trump seemed to be the running joke, but his new “Don’t Give a F*ck” attitude won the hearts of white America.  Most of my college classmates were democrats who favored Bernie Sanders, to them it was, “Finally, an old white guy who liberals can like.”  My Chyna Fox looking friend made post on how great his plans were and by increasing minimum wage life would be easier, especially with free college tuition.  Bernie Sanders did not move me because I have heard the dreams before of a perfect America that accepts diversity and everyone helps each other regardless of race, sexuality, sex/gender, religion or class.  Money will magically fall from the sky.  Bernie Sanders been lost my vote for his support in extraditing Assata Shakur from Cuba, plus he called reparations divisive, but he wants tuition, FOH.

Hillary Clinton did not win me over either.  Black people just wanted a democrat at least in the White House and a woman as President.  Black women were confused and just voted for the sake of “we make most of the voting demographics.”  It got embarrassing when black people blindly followed this woman because Donald Trump was/is so bad and racist.  Hillary Clinton contradicted what most black women fought for on behalf of their own community.  They want a fair justice system that is hard on people they do not like, yet a relaxed enough reform for prisoners and ex-cons to have basic human rights and enough leeway for black people to get a fair and non-biased trial.  Black people hate criminals and anyone who has gotten in trouble with the law.  How often do we watch Beyond Scared Straight hoping that the inmates had a balance meal?  Also, Hillary Clinton tried to capitalize on black on black crime by using the Mothers of the Movement to support a bill that would get guns off the streets because she was so concerned with black children being collateral damage in stray bullet deaths, yet black women are vastly buying guns against stranger danger and domestic abuse, so if Hillary became President where would black women stand on gun rights?

Regardless, black people voted for Hillary while showing off their goofy I voted stickers.  Black Georgians underestimated rural Americans as Georgia’s major cities (Atlanta, Savannah, Augusta and Macon) were blue districts, nonetheless were vastly outnumbered by the larger conglomerate of small town Georgian cities

I did not care who won, but I voted for Trump out of shits and giggles.  Augusta was a blue district, so my vote did not even matter, but my support for Trump was to reward white America.  It is not like we need an ‘aha’ moment, but white men are clueless fixing America’s problems.  They want the baddest military with the latest gadgets and weaponry at the expense of citizens who wanted affordable healthcare, education and equal opportunities.  Even under Obama, we have heard that America must be protected at all cost, but what are we protecting?  Surely, not the ghettos where black soldiers were raised.  Regardless of the popular SJW view of the U.S. military, no extremist group are going to make us choose on which oppression we prefer.  If white men want their country back, then they can have it.  Their god complex may destroy America, while people are so used to managing that they forget who is actually doing the ground work and heavy lifting.  It was black slaves who were uncredited for their contribution to this country and history makes it worst as they demean us even further to believe that the only thing our ancestors did during slavery was pick cotton.

Go ahead (white America) have all the power, weapons and wealth, but you will not feel happy or secured.  Trump is not the anti-Christ, but we need to see the uselessness of our government.  Beyond the title of President, honestly how many times are we going to hear promises of how African Americans are going to finally get to the Promiseland.  I am sick and tired of the horse and pony show of celebrities wanting to run for mayor and President.  I am sick and tired of black politicians fighting for gay, Muslim, women’s rights and immigration and slickly implying that there are black gays, women, Muslims and migrants that we need to fight for too.  Here are my reasons for not supporting these groups:


Granted I respect them and their lifestyle, but straight black people have been waving the rainbow flag as free labor.  The white gay community has more privileges than their black counterparts and they refuse to fight for black lives.  Straight gay allies have been in denial of the racism in the gay community.  White men like Milo Yiannopoulos are not freak accidents.  There has been a long history of gay on gay racism.  Also, they are in complete denial that there is an agenda to effeminize black men.  There is a reason why black men are singled out in media to be “suspect”.  It is not a coincidence that black comedians are always in dresses or made to play ratchet or overweight black women.  Yet, the curiosity is concerned homophobic.

Women’s Rights Movement/Feminism:

No one is a feminist, it is just a trend because black celebrities subscribe to the ideology.  White women parade the streets with their token intersectional friends for media attention.  After white women finish protesting they return to the comforts of a suburban lifestyle that is maintained and built by their so-called oppressive cis-gendered white males.


The black community should have a bone to pick with the Arab community.  I do not care about Linda Sarsour, just like with white feminism, Muslim women are the only ones trying to collaborate with black people.  Where are the Arab men who are making thousands of dollars off of poor black people.  We fund your uppity culture as you do not mingle with African Americans because we are seen as subclass, but white people are of them and accuse them as being terrorist, yet it is worth the risk.  Hey, Linda Sarsour can black people get reparations for the Arab slave trade that still continues do this day?  This goes to other immigrants as well as they runaway from black people, until it is convenient for their human rights and monetary gain.  No, Rasheed, just because I am black does not mean, I want to buy our fake “gangsta” chain.

Black people do not have to like Trump, but at least sit back and watch the fireworks as our allies and enemies blame us for everything, yet expect us to rally from Twitter to the streets in their defense.

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