Why Black People Still Fail The Doll Test

By:  Asher Primus

Black people are partially honest on colorism.  The easiest platform to blame is media as we see rappers and black athletes dating light-skinned and mixed women.  They become a status symbol to a dark-skinned man’s masculinity.  Feminists have tackled the problems this representation does to black girls.  On a side note that is often overlooked is that light-skinned women are seen to be sluts and thots as they appear mindless as they will do anything for the likes and status of high-profile men.  Yet, light-skinned women get the benefit of the doubt as they do not have a negative stereotype that will detour black men from dating them.

Other than media, black people first developed their inferiority complex due to religion, most commonly Christianity.  It was widely accepted with little resistance that all the characters were white.  The 70s to 90s Hebrew Israelites and Nuwabians changed the narrative as they informed black people that they are the real Jews and children of God.  It was met with disapproval as it was too radical for black people to adopt.  The message has been toned down by the conscious community to enlighten black people with the true teachings of the Bible and debunking blindly-accepted theology.  Yet again, black people refused to accept the teachings of various Afrocentrics.  White people occasionally denounce their own whitewashing with half-truths.  Therefore, every Christmas there is always a new identity on what Jesus Christ really looked like along with the latest re-envision of him, with dark-skinned with short hair, yet he still appears as white.  Christian SJW’s are okay with this because he does not look that white and they will defect that there was no such thing as race 2000 years ago, so God could be green or purple.  Using that logic especially as a black person is toxic because blackness ends up having no meaning; you are just black by accident or cursed.  Blackness as a curse is not new as it is referenced in modern day religion and mythology.  The Mormon faith has caught the attention of the black community as a PSA went viral on social media.  The video theorized that Mormons believe that black people are descendants of neutral angels who did not choose sides in the rivalry between God and Lucifer.  According to NY Times study on Mormonism and racism, a man named Brigham Young created the theology that black people were instead cursed descendants of Cain.  The infamous Curse of Ham is a quiet white lie that every pimp-preacher refuses to denounce or clarify.  Most black Christians do not know the racial codes in the Curse of Ham, but when black children see little white angels and a smiling white Jesus; again, do not be surprised when they still fail the doll test.

Another contributing factor is our own family.  At the family cookout, there is always that mixed or light-skinned girl that sticks out among our dark-skinned relatives.  She is everyone’s favorite cousin and her male relatives will try to worm their way to her bedroom by claiming that they are not related by blood.  If she is a pastor’s daughter, she will be on a pedestal.  Our dark-skinned family members may feel jealous that their family tree is not exotic or multiracial.  They will fish their family tree until they find that one mixed or non-black relative and then they will claim their ethnicity or nationality.  Since most black people do not travel, they will name drop countries that have a decent population of black people.  Of course, light-skinned people do it too, but when dark-skinned people do it is laughable as to how quick they want distance themselves from African Americans and this is why I side-eye the Afro-Latinx community.

But let us be honest with ourselves, we do not want to be in the black community surrounded by a majority of blacks.  No, we want to be in the suburbs to prove that W.E.B. Du Bois’ Talented Tenth is a real thing because other black people in the inner city are not trying hard enough.  Black people are not used to seeing themselves win.  They are afraid when they have control.  Africa, for example, is seen as a war-torn continent where warlords are more concerned with killing rival tribes or non-believers, meanwhile they forget that their own people are starving.  The demographics of Africa has even gotten African Americans fearing colonialism, yet they take pride in multiculturalism and white liberalism.  They want to work for white corporations and go to schools named after some random white person.  We are brainwashed to believe that white people are smarter and nicer; sadly, these are the same terms used in the doll test.  Black people get their reality check that white kindness is only for white people.

Dwayne Wade’s family had a rude awakening as they were trapped in their own suburban community.  In an Essence interview, Gabrielle Union discussed the generational gaps that she must teach her sons as they are black suburbanites who are not fully welcomed into the community as their neighbors often call the cops and some have their own private security.  Union fears for her boy’s lives as sometimes they forget that they are black in white America.

Pro-blacks also fail the doll test, granted they have been field tested for the experience, but this is where they progressively fail.  Many of them will choose the black doll because they have to be “on code”.  When asked, “Which doll is the nice doll?”, in response they will point to the black doll when continuing on with comparing the dolls based off of beauty, intelligence and like-ability.  Once, they feel good about keeping it black and proving a point, they will dog black people for their beliefs and actions.  They may say the black doll is the nicest, yet outside of the testing grounds pro-blacks will dog out other black people for not being nice to them.  They may say the black doll is beautiful, yet he idolizes women of other races.  Pro-blacks love myth about blacks and therefore attach themselves to made up cultures and ancestry.  The Hebrew Israelites are a perfect example.  They curse anyone out for merely passing them by, but I will admit their videos are comic relief when they berate black women and gays.  We get it pro-blacks:  Black women are whores; the white man is the devil and the black man will rule the world once God is ready.  Claiming Moor, Egyptian, Nuwabian or Hebrew sounds revolutionary, but it is a scapegoat to avoid African Americans/blackness.  Most conscious leaders have nothing positive to say about their own people, yet they can go on 8-hour lectures on the greatest of black people from 4000 years ago.  Pro-blacks make the same mistake by showing more love and admiration to other races:

The white woman date for status not swag.

Asian women are more submissive.

I am going to Brazil because they respect educated black men.

The Arab woman is covered and knows her place.

Some these women even become honorary black women because they are a minority because some hotep saw Hidden Colors 2.  Tariq Nasheed failed in redefining black people as melanoid, since it functions in the same way minorities and POC would be classified for not being white

Black people have a long way to go before they can see themselves as gods, family and sadly even human.

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