5 Things You Can Do Now as a Single Black Man

By:  Asher Primus

Whether you follow the Negro Manosphere, MGTOW, conscious community or any other black male sect of the internet then we all know that black women are on our minds for good and bad.  Black men are notorious for their Christmas list on how they envision their perfect mate or the moral compass that black women should follow.  Whether you are in the position or not to demand change, worrying about black women or dating in general can be a huge time waster.  How can you demand change when women are rejecting you and no one takes your advice seriously.

I found myself in a dilemma from high school to college to where I was so focused on relationships that I did not get a chance to enjoy my youth.  I noticed the same thing among friends and family whom were obsessed with finding love.  It mostly comes from the self-entitlement that being a ‘nice guy’ or ‘different’ would give women cues to date me right away.

Unfortunately, the happy ending in movies when the snappish popular girl falls for the nerd because of his good character is not a likely scenario, in most cases.  It is not like men have a biological clock, but black men especially do not like being sexually inactive while knowing someone beneath their social status has a better love life than them.

Instead of chasing tail here are 5 things single men can do on their own:

Accept the Flaws

Let us be honest, we ate up the posts and podcasts of pro-black talking heads telling us that we were the prize and beyond reproach because we are men who reject feminism or any other western concept.  We must accept that we have character flaws that keep us single, depressed or a social outcast.

You should improve your social skills to accept other people’s beliefs and ideas, even if they are against your own.  I see masculine fragility all the time on black conscious platforms, especially debates as one person cannot make their point come across because the other person is too arrogant to even listen to the counterargument.  Everyone is shooting and the point is lost.

Find a Hobby

It is cliché, but seriously find a hobby.  Do something that only requires yourself and learn to be self-sufficient.  It does not even have to be profitable, but get into a habit towards sacrificing a couple of hours stimulating your mind with fun activities.

Get Active and Travel

If you are in black forums then you have heard the phrase, “Get a passport.”  Unlike those who encourage you to use it for sex; travel the globe to find your spiritual calling or at least sightsee.  Do not be afraid to travel alone or become a part of an international organization.  If you plan on socializing with people, do it out of friendship or business not sex.  Even if you do not have the money to travel out of the country, use a local park as your chill spot to work out or look at the sky.

Learn a Trade

Challenge yourself to learn a skill that can be used for profit and self-employment.  Do not try to rush and skim over material that you are not familiar with, if necessary attend a trade school.  Besides the benefits of using your new skills for profit, your skills will give you a new-found confidence and independence.  The less people you need to improve your living conditions the more money you will save as a result.

Network and Build a Connection with Your Community

Most pro-blacks talk a good game about how they’re for black people, but they never show it.  Black YouTubers have shamed us from working with them because they may be uneducated, troubled, a single parent or poor.  Instead of watching your community stay stagnant, go meet with church leaders and community activists to help those in need.  There are many things that can be done in the black community, but we should not get into the habit of expecting politicians or celebrities to pity us as charity.

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