Usher Raymond Has Been Dropping Hints For Years That He’s Been Burning

So, it’s being reported on the Googles that U.S…H.E.R…R.A…Y.M….O.ND. has been out in these streets passing out the type of coodies to women that never go away.  It’s also reported that he had to pay $1.1M to a woman for infecting her with herpes.  But you know what, did we all miss the signs?

Signs?  What signs?

The signs nigga…the signs.

You remember how everybody went back and started analyzing the titles to all of R. Kelly’s songs to further “prove” that he is a pedophile?  You know, the timeless classic such as Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number.  Well, what if Usher Raymond was dropping hints about his affinity for living the dirty dick life?  Let’s check out a few titles of a few songs he’s sang over the years shall we:

Confessions:  Yeah I know this song was about him cheating & getting a side chick pregnant, but what if it was really about him struggling to come to terms that he’s down with the dirty dick program?  🤔

You Got It Bad:  A song about falling deeply in love with somebody, but what if it meant you got a bad case of herpes?  🤔

Burn:  Well, we all know the lyrics are about getting over a relationship…but uh…hmmm 🤔

Caught Up:  What if this song was about him getting caught up with a chick who gave him herpes?  🤔

Can U Handle It:  Can you handle what exactly?  Herpes? 🤔

Truth Hurts:  What truth would that be?  The truth of finding out she caught herpes from you? 🤔

She Don’t Know:  What doesn’t she know?  That you infected her with herpes?  She knows now. 🤔

OMG:  Oh my god is what I imagine her saying after she was diagnosed with herpes then came to discover that it was you who gave it to her. 🤔

So Many Girls:  Kind of makes you wonder exactly how many other women are out there walking around with their consolation prize from Usher Raymond…assuming that’s the real meaning to the title. 🤔

Guilty:  Hmmm…yeah… 🤔

Just Like Me:  Yeah, I would imagine passing herpes off to someone without their knowledge would probably make them just like you…assuming that’s the real meaning to the title of course. 🤔

Can U Get Wit It:  I’m not too sure of too many women would want to “get wit it” in the case of voluntarily contracting herpes…just saying. 🤔

Anyways, I don’t know fam.  It’s not looking too good for Usher Raymond over here.  Usher may have been dropping hints for years that he’s all about that dirty dick life and we just weren’t paying attention.  We were too busy getting our groove on once again.

Your favorite mulatto.
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