Amber Rose Proves Why Weed Got Legalized Before Prostitution

By:  H.T.

While I don’t indulge in either, I am a staunch believer in legalizing both marijuana and prostitution.  In my opinion, with oversight and regulation, these things could exists legally in society, thus making them safer.  It’s kind of like the argument for Roe v. Wade, if abortion is legal than a grim but inevitable part of society is made safer.

I’m a believer in the idea that Americans should have the right to indulge in things that at best, only affect them.  Yes, idiots get high or drunk and kill people, but if they live, they are punished.  However, one of the debates I often hear is, “Why is weed legal almost but prostitution is only legal in one state?”  First of all, BROTHELS are legal in Nevada.  Hookers still go to jail there.

But if you want to truly know why people haven’t jumped on the let’s legalize prostitution band wagon, blame one person in particular:

While Amber Rose is not entirely to blame, she is to blame for making the idea of a woman sleeping around and being praised for it a rudimentary part of male/female relations as she defends it via social justice as being what FREES women from men’s stringent moral standards.  Never mind that just because you decided you weren’t going to have standards about your sex life outside of your wants, you shouldn’t assume that you won’t be affected by people’s opinions in some way.

Sadly, the reason reality hasn’t set in yet is BECAUSE the social buffer between proper society’s standards and millennials who have very laissez-faire opinions about morality is a wide chasm.  Now you’re asking, what does this have to do with prostitution?

I agree with Gil in that having a brief period of promiscuity is needed in personal development.  However, between social media normalizing women being sexually provocative for digital validation and men having no problem whatsoever figuratively or literally buying into this, along with feminism going from pushing women to be doctors and lawyers to saying sex work needs to be accepted by society, this does not bode well.

See as much as I’m for things being legalized, I understand that you can’t make people ACCEPT it, no matter what you call them or label them.  I was so happy when gay marriage was legal as 2 of my closest friends are gay.  I also know I have a hotep ass cousin who will never budge on his views on gay people, let alone gay marriage.  The problem is that the WAY social justice tries to normalize it is by relying on youthful naïveté.

The belief is that by going the way of relying on sex to garner success and happiness, all will end well.  Morals aside, the fallacy in this is that it works off the assumption ANYONE can rely on sex appeal forever and that at some point you don’t have to develop any sort of personality or skills in anything.

This goes to why Amber Rose is such a danger to legalizing prostitution.  Amber Rose isn’t a hooker, but she does make living a life of sex, fame and money look more appealing than any life of respectable work.  It’s the Sex and the City effect gone global.

Along with this, it’s become far more accepted for men to either roll out the red carpet for every woman that tickles his fancy, put every famous chick on his arm on a pedestal or just defend women having deplorable behaviors in the name of not being “ashy” to where now to still fall in the realms of “woke”, men have to be okay with women wanting to fuck other men even if they said they were in a relationship.

The danger lies in that in this political climate, legalized prostitution could literally cause entire generations of women to leave the workforce or higher education to, yeah, sell ass.  For all that I’m for a future where women can be anything they want, it would feel eerie to legalize something that might turn America into a bizarre liberal spin on The Handmaid’s Tale.  Rather than subjected, women would be politically pressured by OTHER WOMEN to be prostitutes rather than just serve as sexual objects essentially.

The power that new age prostitutes speak of is not so much power as it’s what happens when men grow up in an environment where courting women has been eliminated and mocked, and winning a woman’s affections (not even for marriage mind you, just a date) reduces men literally down to utilitarian needs and men are bashed for daring to want anything of equal value in the exchange.

Prostitution in this day and age would quite literally result in men having to sign legally binding contracts (read:  not marriage) just to retain the services of a sex worker.  Quite literally, this generation of men would gladly pay lawyer level rates just to have her pick up the phone because…sadly the sexual desires of men these days tend to range from disgusting to bizarre.  A woman today could make $90k a year just off rich guys who have fetishes (thanks to the internet) that don’t even require actual sex with an orifice.

I blame Amber Rose again because as we saw with Kanye, she makes it clear that any woman trying to make it out here with men and their desires, you will literally have to get your hands dirty.

My point is simply that perhaps, maybe, legalized prostitution is a dream deferred as this generation would shift the economy into that of Bangkok almost.  Perhaps the day when an 18 year old boy could just lose his virginity with a clean prostitute and have a emotionally clean slate with sexual experiences is gone.

Welp, there’s always Amsterdam

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