R. Kelly is Just One Hot Album Away From Complete Forgiveness…Again

I read an article today on Buzzfeed talking about how R. Kelly is running some type of cult where he is controlling every aspect of some young woman’s (or women) life to the point where she has to ask to permission to use the bathroom or some shit like that.  Truth be told, I just skimmed the article because it wasn’t that interesting to me.

You know what’s interesting to me?  What interests me is all of this fake outrage over R. Kelly.  R. Kelly married Aaliyah when she was 15 & he was in his late 20s.  I don’t recall much outrage back in the mid-90s about that.  R. Kelly graduated from marrying 15 year old girls to pissing on them in videos a few years later.  There was some outrage, but from what I could recall back then, it was more fascination with seeing the video than any outrage over a grown ass man sexually abusing a minor.  To prove how non-serious of an issue this was, Dave Chappelle made an infamous skit on the Chappelle Show mocking R. Kelly in a song titled “Piss On You“.  To further prove how non-serious of an issue R. Kelly presented with his affinity for pedophilia, R. Kelly dropped the Chocolate Factory album February 18, 2003 which went on to debut at number one selling over 500,000 copies in the first week alone.  Then after that, a string of hits leading all the way up to his famous story called Trapped in the Closet which consisted of over 33 chapters that were told over the span of 7 years from 2005-2012.  So from roughly 1995ish to 2012 (that’s 17 years) R. Kelly was living out his fantasy of being a pedophile completely out the closet with video evidence to prove it, yet this nigga was still (and still is) selling albums & doing concerts galore.  But now y’all wanna act shocked & try to demonize people who still support this nigga in 2017.  Get the fuck outta here with the bullshit.

People have known about R. Kelly for years.  As a matter of fact, back in 2002 when I was in basic training for the Army, we had a slightly older dude in my platoon who was from Chicago and knew R. Kelly back in high school.  Dude told me that R. Kelly was well known around Chicago for preying on high school girls.  Dude said when R. Kelly was on the verge of blowing up with Public Announcement in the early 90s, R. Kelly was known to be hanging around high school parking lots showing off his new cars to teenage girls.  So R. Kelly is going on damn 30 years now of preying on young girls, but people on social media are still in shock.  But that shock has never trumped their love for R. Kelly’s music.  Nobody can deny that R. Kelly is a musical genius and his extraordinary talent inside of the recording booth has blinded millions of people to his evil, twisted & child molesting ways.  Hell, according that Buzzfeed article I skimmed, even the parents of the girl in that article turned a blind eye to R. Kelly’s history in favor for the allure of fame & fortune for their daughter.  This is just how deep R. Kelly’s “roots” run within black culture.

But regardless, it doesn’t matter how many more stories come about exposing R. Kelly for being exactly what he is…a pedophile, as long as he has the god-given talent to rock the microphone, ALL OF Y’ALL WILL FORGIVE HIM like you have been forgiving him going on 30 years now.  If R. Kelly dropped an album just as fire as 12 Play, TP-2000 or Chocolate Factory tomorrow, ALL OF Y’ALL would act like 30 years of being a pedophile never existed.  So you all can sit up here and write your little blog articles or type your status updates condemning R. Kelly to the depths of hell, but be real…if that nigga dropped another version of Step In The Name of Love tomorrow that was just as good, if not better, all of y’all would be rushing to the dance floor to get your groove on.  You know it, I know, even R. Kelly knows it.

Black people have let him get away with this shit for almost 30 years now.  I find it rather difficult to believe that you all will cast this nigga to the side now.  Niggas should have BEEN did that, but no…..those albums were too damn fire.

Your favorite mulatto.
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