The “Woke” Double Standard About Interracial Dating

By:  H.T. (@Gees3Howard)

For as much as everyone got mad at me about saying black men should go into interracial dating, y’all love to talk about how much you love white or Asian dudes.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all down for the swirl either way, but fact is, when black men praise white women were called self-hating and for some reason you keep bringing up our mothers as if every man wants to fuck a woman who looks like their mom…

There are exceptions…

The problem isn’t so much that white guys are getting praise, it’s that white guys are getting praise with little effort and we still have to feel bad for liking a thick white girl because “wokeness”.  Yes, I can’t openly call Jessica Simpson, Ashley Graham or Karen Fisher thick ass white women without being treated to a dissertation on how white women have been having thick thighs and big butts and made millions off it while black women were punished for it.  Okay we get it it, Sarah Baartman.  Yeesh.

The problem is that white guys are getting praise just for saying what you want.  And don’t get me started on that incompetent fuck Love Life of an Asian Guy.  Fact is, the anger from the RATIONAL black men is that the white guys seem to get all the love and panties thrown at them for being non-black and saying all the “woke” talking points.

I’m not saying white guys can’t be woke.  I am saying that one should observe that the REASON these guys get so much praise is BECAUSE whether consciously or knowingly, these guys are seen as special because many of you have taken the “black men are trash” mantra to heart.  And thus this is why when Conrad or Lee jumps in to defend your rants about how black men don’t love you despite the clear list of black dudes in your DM’s telling you good morning everyday, but let this guy show up and boom, open the floodgates into your draws.

I’m not saying not to love men outside your race ladies.  I’m simply saying that you should observe the bias that shows up these days.

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