What Does Dr. Umar Johnson, Dr. Boyce Watkins, Jason Black & Cynthia G. Have in Common?

As you can see, I listed four of some of the most well-known names in the realm of super pro-black thought.  Super pro-black thought implying that, these four individuals are about as black as it gets in the land of conscious knee grows…for better or for worse, depending upon how your personal views may or may not align with theirs.  On the surface level, there’s really nothing wrong with wanting to be black-black-blackedty-black-black.  Do your thing if that’s what you believe in your heart.  But you know what I find strange about these four people (keep in mind, I’ve listened to these people for years with the exception of Cynthia G., she’s relatively new to me), what I find rather odd is that these four people are very adamant about the marriage between a black man & a black woman only.  For the most part they all despise interracial marriage, some more vehemently than others, but here’s the problem with these four popular pro-black thought leaders:


Does anybody find that a bit peculiar, or am I the only one out here pondering this?

Why am I mentioning this?  Well, if you are black with a social media account & are familiar with Dr. Umar Johnson, then you should already know why.  But in case you don’t know why, well, Dr. Umar Johnson recently went on Roland Martin’s TV show discussing issues surrounding his education, his relation to Frederick Douglass, and his views on interracial marriage.  Most know that Dr. Umar Johnson is not a fan of interracial marriage at all.  He is unapologetic in his beliefs about interracial marriage that he is even willing to somewhat throw his alleged long distance relative Frederick Douglass (the father of the Civil Rights Movement) under the bus for marrying a white woman in his older years…that’s how serious Umar Johnson is about this subject.

**Side Note:  My cousin took his wife to a Dr. Umar Johnson lecture down in Jacksonville, FL back in December of 2016.  My cousin’s wife is a Latina.  My cousin told me that when Umar Johnson got to the portion of his lecture about interracial marriage, he said Umar was staring at he & his wife the entire time. 😂**

Anyways, I’m not trying to make this a long blog post, but do you all not find it very strange that these four people who essentially detest interracial marriage & champion black on black marriage all just happen be single?  It’s not like these four people are a bunch of dusty bum ass knee grows (as far as I can tell).  They all are fairly popular, some worldwide famous, some very financially successful (I assume), all over the age of 35 (I believe, not sure about Cynthia G.’s age), all have countless videos expressing their disdain for interracial marriage and their love for black on black marriage…yet no spouse anywhere in sight. 🤔

Kind of makes you wonder why.

I briefly touched on this subject almost a year ago when I was talking about how so many black men love to get online to profess how they love nothing but black women, but yet, it’s a whole bunch of sistas walking around with no husband…yet ironically, a lot of these same niggas love to proclaim that I hate black women, despite the fact that I’ve been married to a black woman for 11 years now.  Funny how that goes.  The niggas who love to claim online that they love black women the hardest can’t seem to muster up enough love to marry a black woman.  Amazing.

Anyways, the subject of interracial marriage has always been a hot button topic and it appears to be more of a hot button topic these days for some strange reason, but the most popular black thought leaders pushing the agenda for strictly black on black marriage, these knee grows aren’t even married.  Yet nobody sees a problem with that.  What happened to practicing what you preach?  I’m just saying.

Your favorite mulatto.
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