MoorUs vs. Crispy’s Biscuits: Why I Am Done with Tariq Nasheed

By:  Asher Primus

For those who do not know, Tariq Nasheed’s Crispy puppet is a direct, yet indirect slander to YouTube shock jock Tommy Sotomayor.

Crispy chronicles his sad and pathetic life of self-hatred along with Looney Tunes-like antics.  I will be honest that I enjoy the skits and even shared it with my best friend.  Overtime, I grew out of it even though it was a guilty pleasure.  Unfortunately, the comedy gets dry and ends up becoming awkward when the audience is constantly reminded that Crispy is hinted as bisexual or moist as he searches the world and even galaxy for white women.

This is not defending Sotomayor, as I am not a fan of his work and I am aware of his alliance with ‘suspected white supremacists’ and Red Pill followers.  My article is constructive criticism that pro-black leaders/moguls are not beyond approach.  I support Tariq Nasheed, but I am not afraid to call out his flaws.

Let us not beat around the bush about the name Crispy.  I do recall Tariq Nasheed clarifying that Crispy does not mean black, it means ashy and he compared the meaning to fried chicken.  To me that seems like a PR clean-up move, whether he notices or not, but the representation of dark-skinned people in media is already damaging.  People can put two-and-two together to notice the inferiority complex of our skin tone becomes comical.  Unlike Uncle Ruckus of the Boondocks, Crispy is an immature comic relief that teaches no life lessons.  Tariq’s puppets are unrealistic characters of the people he makes fun of, now I could care less about Alex Jones and I can acknowledge that he expresses racist undertones on his YouTube channel, but I am disturbed by the Rollie the Boule Bird puppet that is supposedly calling out Roland Martin for being a boogie negro, meanwhile Tariq Nasheed lives in a gated community, yet he ask his followers, “Where are the black people in LA?”

Secondly, Tariq is obsessed with Tommy, despite his egoistical claims that he is above him.  Crispy’s Biscuits was the final straw for me as I see a grown man expecting people to pay for a juvenile game of no substance.  White people have already zeroed on the same and names it a ‘race-baiting’ game teaching kids to be racist.  Again, I do not agree with their views that the Crispy’s Biscuits is turning kids to racist.

Tariq Nasheed should stick to documentaries and learning for himself on how to be a developer.  It bothered me that I donated to the MoorUs Kickstarter and the development of it was slow, due to outsourcing & despite having an iPhone to download MoorUs.  It seems that I am late to the party as it has not even taken off even among other pro-black moguls like Dr. Boyce Watkins and Jason Black whom complain that Facebook censors their conversations.

We did not support Tariq hard enough, but it kills the momentum that an app for black people was made by Indians who wanted to see it fail.  The project was executed too early with only MoorUs living off hype that it will rival Facebook.  I fear that Tariq’s obsession with Crsipy/Tommy is holding him from gaining a larger platform beyond YouTube and Ustream.  Christelyn Karazin suffered the same fate as her focus on trolls exposed her views on how mixed women are taking all the black men from black women and therefore she was not welcomed at the Mixed Remixed Festival.

I am hesitant to donate to anymore of Tariq’s protects.  Reason being is that he does not seem to take criticism well and the annoyance of his hive-minded followers who give him 5-star ratings on a game simply out of “keeping it black” or “being on code.”

Tariq has a bad habit of jumping from project to project.  Hopefully after the post-production of 1804, he can put more time into MoorUs at least for a couple of years as a reminder that he is competing with major social media platforms that have been around for years and a decade plus.

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