Black People Aren’t a Monolith But Too Many Black People Wish We Were

One of the most popular catch phrases you’ll hear coming from a black person as a response to a white person who thinks that all black people are the same is, “Black people are not a monolith.”  Simply put,  black people are not this gigantic organism where we all think & live our lives in the exact same manner.  Now this is a 100% accurate statement that I for the longest used to wonder why in the hell do white people honestly think we are a monolith, but we all know the answer by now…white supremacy.  But despite how accurate the statement may be, fact is, there are quite a bit of knee grows roaming the streets of America with smart phones & social media accounts who honestly wish black people were a monolith…for better or for worse.

Just whip out your iPhones & log onto Facebook or Twitter and these knee grows pop up real quick like little gophers.  The easiest way to identify these knee grows is when they start throwing out popular catch phrases like, “Black people got to get on code.”  I’ll confess, I used to use that phrase when talking about black people, but I came to a realization that quite honestly, I don’t want to be on “code” with a lot of these niggas.  And the reason I don’t want to be on code with them is because truthfully, a lot of these niggas are full of shit.  A lot of these niggas are nothing more but a bunch of parrots parroting shit they heard from their favorite pro-black social media personality.  That’s it.  I’m not even joking.  I can literally watch a pro-black on YouTube & hear them say a catchy phrase, then 5 minutes later log onto social media and see every knee grow & their mama repeating the same damn thing as if they just coined the phrase themselves.  Granted, that may actually be the goal, but is the goal JUST to parrot what somebody else says or is the goal to implement whatever is being said into one’s life in order to create the necessary change a lot of these bum ass knee grows will try their hardest to convince you online that needs to be changed?  Methinks after years of interacting with most of these idiots, it’s all just to rack up social media likes.  That’s it.  Nothing more, nothing less.

So this brings me back to my stance on choosing to not be “on code” with a lot of these bum ass niggas.  A lot of these bum ass niggas can’t prove a damn thing in their real lives to attempt to convince me that they are really “about that life”.  Peep this, I know a chick right now on social media who purposely makes herself to appear to be the most pro-black chick in the universe.  Every status update is pro-black this, pro-black that, fuck white supremacy this, fuck white supremacy that, fuck cultural appropriation this, fuck cultural appropriation that.  She goes hard in the paint and racks up likes like a muhfuggah.  But in between her pro-black rants, she’ll post some shit about how miserable and fucked her life is, how shit isn’t going right, how come shit just can’t come together for her…and I’m looking at this chick like, “Yet, you want other black people to follow you & adopt your stance on being super pro-black, but your real life outside of social media is all fucked up?  Bish please.”  Then I know of this other dude who goes hard in the paint every damn status update on white people & white supremacy.  Tons of likes, tons of comments, tons of reshares….yet this nigga struggles to pay his electric bill.  Like nigga, how you gonna go so hard on white supremacy and neglect to pay your electric bill?  We all know that the electric company doesn’t just cut your shit off after missing a payment.  Normally it takes up to 2-3 missed payments before they cut your shit.  How you gonna be so hard on white supremacy sitting in the dark burning candles like it’s the 1700s?  What good are you?  Why in the fuck would anybody want to follow that nigga’s train of thought when this nigga can’t pay his fucking utility bills?  Master the simple shit first.

Anyways, what usually happens after you call these knee grows out is:  you’re labeled a coon, you’re labeled a nigga that’s sleep, you’re a pet for the white supremacists; you’re just all kinds of names.  But here’s the real deal about this obsessive name calling that takes place coming from so-called “woke” people, all of this name calling is merely an attempt to mask their severe fuck ups in life.  That’s it.  It’s merely a distraction from getting to the nitty gritty about why people should entertain their thought of “getting on code”.  Getting on code to do what exactly?  To have a shitty, can’t pay bills on time, position myself to be extra arty-smarty yet dumb as fuck type of life?  Are you knee grows serious?  Why I even took you knee grows this serious for this long is beyond me.  Me waking up to all this fake ass wokeness is quite possibly me actually being woke for real for real.  A nigga told me that credit isn’t important, that it’s the white man’s system for keeping niggas in check or some dumb shit like that.  Yet this is the same knee grow who’ll be the first person talking about black economic empowerment?  HOW NIGGA?!  HOW?  How in the fuck can you even let the words “black economic empowerment” dribble out your mush mouth when you are running around talking about credit isn’t important?  Who in the fuck is influencing you broke-woke niggas?  My goodness.  Niggas like that honestly want me, a nigga with a credit score above 750 that can qualify for damn near any reasonable loan I want, to “get on code” with a nigga like that?  Get the fuck outta here.

I refuse to get on code with these internet knee grows because quite frankly a lot of you idiots are just niggas attempting to reinvent yourselves online because your real life is just a fucking disgrace in terms of real black empowerment.  You find comfort in flocking to a popular pro-black knee grow who tells you all of the things you yearn to hear about in regards to how you should function and live as a black person, but in reality, you know damn well your life is all kinds of fucked up to the point where these niggas you worship would royally roast you online.  So to avoid the embarrassment, you resort to blindly following & parroting other bum ass knee grows in an attempt to blend in so that your shit doesn’t become noticeable.  You want a monolith in order to hide your fuck ups at the end of the day.  The same niggas you gleefully call coons despite not having a coon bone in their body, but your categorize them as coons simply because they have a difference of opinion or lifestyle than you is nothing but an attempt to keep the light from shining on your fucked up life.  Truth be told, I’m over the word coon myself.  I used to say it sparingly.  It was reserved for the likes of people like Staci Dash, but the word is so watered down & overused now that quite literally anybody could be a coon.  A disagreement over whether you like white bread or wheat for a sandwich could get you labeled a coon.  That’s just how idiotic the use of the word coon has become.  But the real problem with the word coon and those who toss out it so carelessly because they refuse to increase the size of their vocabulary along with expounding upon one’s thoughts in a coherent manner is that, a lot of knee grows who want black people to “get on code” are nothing but a bunch of coons their damn selves.  They may not be openly supporting white supremacy in the manner that a Staci Dash or Sheriff David Clarke would, but every time they demand a black person to reform their life to their way of thinking & living because they simply disagree with the other person’s lifestyle, these niggas are cooning.  These niggas are literally sitting up on social media trying to tell other black people that because you don’t do this or you don’t like this over here, you are cooning.  What nigga?  Huh?  So I guess in order for me to not be a coon, I must resort to following your every move in life despite the fact that you can’t demonstrate to me in real life that the way you live your life is even worth entertaining for 5 minutes?  Who made you niggas?  Yet you want black people to get on code…knee grow please.

In the words of the great poet by the name of Sir Lucious Left Foot:  Pay your fucking beeper bill bitch!

Your favorite mulatto.

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