Rob Kardashian Proves the True Dangers of Simping

By:  H.T. (@Gees3Howard)

Despite my attempt to warn Rob Kardashian against suffering Blac Chyna’s bullshit, clearly he’s learned nothing.  But it goes to a far bigger and much more pressing issue that I tried to explain before:  simping is a real threat to society.

First and foremost, there is nothing far more dangerous than a man who feels the lack of affection from a woman warrants taking his own life or other peoples.  No amount of bloodshed will bring any woman into your life or bring one back.  The most famous cases of simping gone deadly is John Hinckley, who shot Ronald Reagan to impress a woman who in recent years came out of the closet as a lesbian, Christopher Membreno who killed a guy his girlfriend accused of raping her in an admitted consensual threesome, and my favorite Harry Kendall Thaw, who in 1906, killed Stanford White for allegedly having raped his wife, who was basically the times equivalent to a video vixen, on a roof.

Rob’s need to take his own life isn’t even the biggest problem with simping, but for the sake of relevance I will say that it’s an issue that many refuse to see the inherent problem with.  We tell women over and over again not to put themselves at the mercy of a man’s desires, but it’s also become the norm to tell men that by not adjusting who and what you are to attract a woman, you are the real problem.  This teaches men that dignity means nothing if you want to get a woman, and to have standards basically makes you a fat, stogie smoking white guy and that by obeying their wishes, ultimately you at least stay in their good graces.

Simping is dangerous because it takes men who otherwise have something to offer a woman ALONG with unconditional love and teaches them to beg as though they have no bargaining power.  Your favorite slut walker “feminist” will tell you that it’s just them using what they got to get what they want.  But as Diamond in The Player’s Club pointed out, “If you’re not using what you got to get what you want, you must not want much” and this is the danger.

Let’s face it, not too many men are out here working good paying jobs, let alone stable ones, along with no priors, no kids, their own place and actually has a caring heart.  This is actually a damn good thing to be as a man.  But in the age of telling men that their trash, men day by day find themselves either having to beg or, if they do have backbones, be virally labeled an ashy loser.

This is because in the age of social media, women are often taught to walk around like they’re the hottest shit out here and any man who doesn’t want them must hate women.  It’s why you have so many YouTubers and podcasters who cosign this fuckass idea that men with preferences must be ugly losers who don’t have the right to be choosy.  Never mind that a lot of the proponents of this logic tend to be women whose faces look like sourdough and have the gall to have those ugly ass septum piercings.  But we’re the bad guys.

Simping got normalized in society beyond just some porn star or cosplayer having PayPal in their bio BECAUSE social media made it normal to beg for a woman’s attention.  The average millennial grows up having to learn how to try and finesse women’s attention via photos and shit that really doesn’t matter when it’s likely the object of their affection is fucking some guy who’s Facebook has him listed as a “musician” or “hustler”.

Simping is a problem because just by human nature it justifies undesirable behavior in women that justify it by saying the only men against it want them barefoot and pregnant and that if it’s so bad, why do mad dudes give them love and monetary compensation for being who they are?  Never mind that the guys backing them up look like this:

Even as I write this, I know once word gets back to either of them, they’ll use this to gain sympathy from their female followers and use the love and retweets to supplement the lack of physical love they get from women.

And as time will go on, this will become the norm.  Guys like 21 Savage and Rob Kardashian don’t realize that when high profile men essentially GIVE these kinds of women fame, it NORMALIZES it in society in a way as these are women that are seen regularly due to social media.

“Oh, Blac Chyna is dysfunctional and promiscuous and her best friend is constantly posting thirst traps, guys love them and they’re RICH! GOALS!”

This is why Ayesha Curry and women like her catch shit for daring to want to care for and nurture a man to both attract and keep him.  Because it fucks up the hustle and makes it hard to justify women who make $100k off 1 thirst trap and get flown out left and right by dudes who have no personality or “game” but here this chick is loving on one guy because he’s earnest and caring and can give her a life that isn’t her being adored by a sea of thirsty dudes.

Men get upset at women like the Kardashians, the Blac Chynas, the Amber Roses and even guys like Drake and Rob because, yes, the Madonna/whore complex is real and is needed because we need bare minimums for morality.  Yes, every guy likes looking at a pretty girl who’s half naked, but this isn’t who we want to MARRY.  Yes, men want to marry a pretty girl who is dressing and acting in a way that isn’t purposely drawing other men’s attention because when I married you, THAT’S how I told the world I treasured you; I signed a legally binding contract that could potentially either protect our offspring or screw me out of money should we break up.

Simps don’t understand this and thus this is how you get rappers like Kanye West who still feels the need to talk about and show off his wife like she’s a centerfold.  If anything, men being against simps is actually us showing that we respect you as there can’t really be a chance that all these laissez-faire dudes are actually respected by these women.  The fact that guys like Rob Kardashian are the norm paints a dire problem, the problem being that these men are willing to collectively destroy the concept of the nuclear family, one of the pillars of a strong society, to impress some random chicks with a fat ass who make their rent off guys like them.

They don’t realize that if they don’t stop, soon we will look up and not only will the concept of only having kids with someone who doesn’t have kids with anyone else will be of the past, but the concept of marriage and monogamy will be endangered.  If you want to see what losing these kinds of things looks like, go on Worldstar and look at any video of some mother cursing out her child, fighting her baby father’s other baby mother and people teaching kids to cuss and just act stupid.  Gil already covered the issue of names.

I say we need to stop simping because if we don’t stop, this will be our future:

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