Black People Worship the One-Drop Rule

Have you ever noticed that black people will go above & beyond to reject any ideal associated with racism & white supremacy (RWS)?  Everything from rejecting the information being taught in the school systems, to rejecting how the political systems operate, to rejecting anything associated with the white economy.  Some have even gone as far as to preaching self-segregation.  Granted, there is nothing wrong with all of these thoughts I suppose, but when it comes to the racist archaic system of racial classifications, black people will hold on for dear life to that aspect of RWS.  Your average black person will be quick to point out every potential lie told by RWS and tell you not to EVER trust or believe ANYTHING being spouted from this system, but when it comes to THE SAME SYSTEM telling black people what racial category they fall up under…a black person will engrave that message permanently on their forehead if they could.

A typical conversation would go like this:


Black person 2:  “Tiger Woods got arrested.  HA HA…HE BLACK NOW!”

Black person 1:  “Yeah that’s right! Look at what they have checked on his police report!  You black now!”

Conversations like this actually took place a few weeks ago in regards to Tiger Woods.  Anyways, in that example, black person 1 just told you to never trust anything coming from the system, but the moment the exact same system checked Tiger Woods race as black in the police report, black person 1 & black person 2 were in 100% agreement with the very system you were just told not to trust at all.

You don’t like that example?  Ok, here’s another, which just happens to be a personal favorite of mines for obvious reasons:

Black person:  “Mixed people ain’t black!”

Mixed person:  “Ok. I’m biracial.”

Black person:  “You black!  ONE-DROP RULE!”

Mixed person:  “But…you just said I wasn’t black.”

Black person:  “In the system of white supremacy…YOU BLACK!”

This is normally how these conversations tend to proceed.  Once again, the very system you are told to never trust is the very system you are told to trust only on matters when it comes to race.  It makes you wonder why this is. 🤔

Black society is told over & over & over again by popular black thought leaders of the past and present that black people are at the very bottom of the socioeconomic totem pole.  And in regards to grand scheme of things, sadly it’s true.  This very same system is responsible for hundreds of years of slavery, another hundred years of forced segregation, mass incarceration, the war on drugs, redlining…just all kinds of shit purposely designed to keep black people in an oppressive state to which black people have rightfully rejected.  But that same oppressive system still dictates to black people whom is to be viewed as black regardless of how archaic and racist the practice has always been.  That same good ole one-drop rule which basically states if you have a drop of black blood in you, you’re black…that same rule created during the most devastating era of black oppression (slavery) is held on to for dear life by black people in the present day.  If a biracial person like me decides I want to be called biracial or mulatto (yes I know mulatto is another archaic term as well) vs just black, that same RWS oppressive mindset will seep out of black people in an attempt to put a biracial person back in his or her place.  The very same system these same knee grows tell every knee grow on the planet to reject.  Amazing how that works.

But the “In the system of white supremacy…YOU BLACK!” rebuttal normally follows immediately.  You know what’s interesting about that rebuttal, I’m in my late 30s…to be honest with you, I can’t recall a time where I’ve actually heard a white person say that to me at all.  I’ve heard countless black people remind me of that sentiment damn near my entire life, but I honestly cannot recall a time where I heard a white person repeat that sentiment to me.  Most white people who question me about my race hit me with one of these two questions:  1) What are you mixed with?, or 2) Are you some type of Latino?  Rarely has a white person ever just told me, “You’re just black.”  And I’ve certainly never heard a white person say, “In a system of racism & white supremacy, you are considered just black.”  Now, these so-called online “woke” white folks as of recently are repeating that sentiment, but growing up before the age of social media where I spent a vast majority of my life living in the South…I never heard that at all.  Maybe I’m just the magical unicorn running around out in these streets who has managed to avoid a white person telling me I’ll always be viewed as just black in a system of white supremacy.  Who knows.

Regardless of all my personal experiences, the bigger question still remains:  Why do black people purposely choose to hang onto racial classifications created by the very system most blacks vehemently despise?  Why not simply reject it all?  What about that ONE aspect is so damn important that black people refuse to let it go?  Black people have no issue with telling white society how white society is to address everything else when it comes to concerns of black people, but when it comes to who gets the final say in how people are to be categorized according to race, black people bow down to white people all day everyday.  Why?

My theory is, maybe black people who choose to hang on to the one-drop rule for dear life do so because they don’t want anybody with a remote chance of being seen as something other than black getting one up on a monoracial black who can’t be seen as anything other than black.  I saw Tariq Nasheed post a tweet on Twitter showing Amber Rose being interviewed.  The interviewer asked Amber Rose how she identifies and Amber Rose stated she identifies as biracial because her mother is black and her father is white (like me).  Anyways, Amber Rose identifies purely as biracial.

So as you can see on the caption of the tweet, Tariq is implying that because Amber Rose identifies as biracial that she is denying her blackness.  You know, this is why I don’t take people like Tariq serious anymore.  Being biracial doesn’t deny blackness.  It simply means you embrace both sides of your genetic makeup.  That’s it.  Nothing more, nothing less.  But to a nigga like Tariq, he’s one of those “one-drop rule” knee grows despite the fact that he’s made a national name for himself and appears to have created a very lucrative business off preaching non-stop for essentially black people to reject any and everything associated with the system of white supremacy.  But of course I’ve listened to enough of Tariq’s material over the years to know that his usual go-to statement is “But we live in a system of white supremacy.”  But then again, I’ve also listened to enough of his material over the years to know that on his podcasts & Hidden Colors DVD series he constantly preaches a message of rejecting white supremacy in favor of a system of true equal justice.  So, when it comes to the world of being pro-black, Tariq is quite possibly the most popular figure out there, yet even he refuses to reject that one aspect about RWS.  Amazing how this stuff works.

Anyways, long story long, black people…if you are going to reject the system of white supremacy and everything that falls up under the umbrella of white supremacy, then why in the hell are too many of you holding on for dear life to the race classification aspect of white supremacy?  Why?  If a biracial person doesn’t want to be classified as black, why the fuck does it matter to you? I mean, you got people like Umar Johnson going on The Breakfast Club telling millions of people essentially that an archaic racial classification system should still be embraced fully by black people, even tho this same classification system was created by the very racist system people like Umar Johnson constantly CONSTANTLY preach to reject.  Why not reject it all?  What’s the problem with doing that?  Aren’t you tired of white people dictating everything to you by now?  Just reject it all.

Your favorite mulatto.
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