Black People Don’t Listen to Umar Johnson Because He’s Incompetent. Simple as That.

By:  H.T. (@Gees3Howard)

Look, I’m just gonna say it, black people refuse to listen to Umar Johnson because he’s wildly incompetent.  I don’t care that he’s made valid points about the exploitation of Africa or group economics, the fact is that he only gets by because he makes a few dependable points about black people that’s true.  It’s kind of like how you all felt the need to defend Bill Cosby even after almost 50 women came forward to say he raped them and at the very least Cosby is on legal record saying that he used to drug women’s drinks as “It’s what you did back then.”

I’m not even mad at Umar for saying what he said about interracial relationships, though I vehemently disagree.  My problem is that all of you will defend any crazed hotep ass leader in the name of making yourselves feel strong and you don’t care that his perspective combined with the fact that he’s so hated exposes an obvious inconvenient truth.

The truth being that guys like him are, for one, not on the same level as say, Garvey or Malcolm X.  If anything, he’s more in the school of guys like Dr. York who preach all this black empowerment but sells it only to the loud, angry belligerent lot of black folks who frankly are more in it for the homophobia and posturing than any real change.

I live more by the Booker T. Washington outlook on things as I’ve actually seen it work while, as Gil’s cousin talked about, Umar is a grown man talking about any vaguely pro-black nonsense that people would listen to.  You all scream your heads off about all the black leaders he sites, but don’t understand how regressive he actually is.  Sometimes, yes, you do need to pay attention to the messenger as it may explain why the message isn’t coming out right.  Fact is, comparing the goal for the success of black people to that of the Jews or the Asians gives only a surface comparison.  If anything, for all we know they could have far deeper problems than money or interracial relationships.  But because we let posturing leaders like Umar create the narrative, we think they’re better than us.

Face it, the black community for the most part doesn’t fuck with Umar as he and people like him expect black people to adhere to one goal and one narrative where we follow behind men like him because the BELIEF is that black people are dead last in society, but when one of us proves even a few of us can make it, they’re called uncle toms and coons.  Saying it’s the illusion of inclusion.  The fact is, they need black people who are successful to be demonized as it endangers their narrative and in turn their money.  This isn’t a movement for them, it’s a hustle.

redde mihi ut ego non sum victima, Umar Johnson.

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