Why Most Millennial Men Hate Hookup Culture

By:  H.T. (@Gees3Howard)

As Amber Rose continues her campaign to normalize promiscuity and make society not only okay with but supportive of it, I think it’s time somebody explained why a lot of men are against it.  First and foremost, let’s stop with the “But you like looking at half naked women all the time!” argument used to defend this bullshit.  I like porn, hell I can name too many porn stars just off the top off my head.  Doesn’t mean I want every woman I fall for to be one.

The usual defenses for hookup culture are typically “people like sex”, “not everybody is cut out to be monogamous” and the usual one, “the nuclear family/monogamy/modesty are patriarchal social constructs must die”.

The reason a lot of men reject the idea of hookup culture is quite simply that not everyone is cut out for it or socialized for it.  Hookup culture is upsetting as as it lives off narcissism, vanity, pride, selfishness and manipulation, but many of its proponents such as Amber Rose support it as it frees women from the chains of patriarchal control.

Instead of teaching women to be loving, nurturing or even just empathetic, hookup culture via social justice teaches women that freedom lies in the world living with no man and that the desire to find just one partner and settle down is just the patriarchy trying to enslave you to motherhood.  This goes to why I say this is a culture built off narcissism, as many of the women I see on social media pushing this idea that women don’t need to be monogamous or even caring of men’s feelings.  Social media day in and day out gives everyone the illusion of human validation, so who really needs to find love from one person when the entire web is full of men who will text you good morning or even buy you things?

The average male between the ages of 23-26 is a man who is very likely hip to the game.  Men in this day and age are expected to roll out the red carpet for women who would gladly fuck, cook for and even shelter men who are just on-call sex, but we’re expected to give them the world just because she’s pretty.  When feminists wonder why movements like Red Pill and MGTOW exist, you have to at least hear their arguments out before rejecting them, and I mean actually listening and not attempting to misconstrue their words.

Red Pills exist because men feel as if the illusion of love and caring for women is a giant lie and that it can all be broken down to a system.  MGTOWs exist because, yes, it really does feel like a great deal of women today manipulate and use men for whatever reasons they see fit and defend it by saying that men have done it for years, so now it’s just karma.  First, I doubt the dorky guy who texts you good morning and buys you dinner has hurt anyone.  Second, by the logic set before me, ALL men must suffer for others crimes.  But as I said before, there’s always plenty of sad men who will degrade themselves for women’s affections.  But of course they know that.

The typical refrain when complaining about hookup culture is that “you just mad cause you don’t get no pussy”.  No, I’m mad because even if I never find love, this mindset has far reaching effects beyond just sex.  Fact is, very few people stay fuckable to their dying day, but many millennials and Gen-Z adults don’t realize this.  There’s a lot of old decrepit women in retirement homes today who in their 20s looked like Christie Brinkley or Ashley Graham, but everyone thinks time won’t come for them.

What’s more, the fact of the matter is that sex is the last true motivator of men, but the standards for getting it is so low we really do face a future where there’s no real motivator to be smarter, successful, or industrious, let alone monogamous.  Birth rates are already going down, men aren’t studying as much for lucrative careers, men are learning to live off a small salary, high priced products like houses and cars aren’t selling as much.  Because frankly, what’s the point?  Birth control is more prolific and as someone who worked retail, I can tell you for a fact that the amount emergency contraceptive pills sold to repeat customers guarantees that many women are already unable to have kids.  Besides that, guys who work real jobs and the like have to compete with broke jobless dudes who can give women all the dick and attention they desire.

Fact is, for as much as I sound like I’m complaining, we can’t ignore that of the ones that HAVE kids, they will be raised by people with this mindset, and in the end, you can’t help but weep for the future.

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