Super Pro-Blacks Don’t Want Revolution, They Just Want to Complain

By:  H.T. (@Gees3Howard)

As I talk to the people in the comments of my videos for Onyx Truth, one thing keeps coming up that people refuse to budge on which is that people aren’t “pro-black” enough.  Fact is, I see you all and quite honestly I can’t help but feel as though this is just angry people stroking their egos.

There’s nothing wrong with pointing out injustice, white privilege, white supremacy and just racists being dickheads.  But when people like me suggest that maybe the way to edge out white supremacy is to fight back in economic and legal ways, no…no, you’ll all say “I’m not gonna wait 300 years for the system to change again!  It’s my liberation and I need it now!”  Yes, I’m sure that by sitting on the internet complaining how white supremacists are getting over while not actually saying how to fight back will work.

I’m at least consistent in that I believe fighting racists only goes so far.  Sure, a racist bastard with a swastika puts his hands on you, put ’em in the ground.  But after a while that only gets so far.  What about building our own schools?  Our own stores?  Homes that WE own?  If we are going to fight against white supremacy, when do we start building communities and the like?

My problem is that y’all want revolution but don’t support the realistic solutions to it.  You will support the Jason Blacks, the Umar Johnsons and the Tariq Nasheeds but won’t listen to any ideas anyone suggests for ACTUALLY coming up.  Super pro-blacks want black people to succeed, but only as they see fit.  That means no good job that takes you out of the black community, no living outside the black community and definitely no falling in love with someone not black.

It’s sad that coons like Jesse Lee Peterson and Charles Barkley took the very real issue of black people committing crimes against other black people as a subject to use against us rather than solve it.  Crime in black communities happen for the same reasons it happens everywhere else:  bad economy.  No one is making real money, people commit crimes to get money.  Simple.

No, but y’all will go as far as to blame single mothers for this.  Not that black men are systematically never taught to look for a wife growing up as we can’t have moist black men simping, but black women have to find a husband out this bunch.  Then you wonder why swirling is a thing.  Because all these hyper pro-black men are on some shit too!  You’ll complain on and on about men being emasculated, but never teach them to have integrity when it comes to women.  No, it’s just go out, get yah dick wet, and if anything goes wrong, it’s the black woman’s fault.

Super pro-blacks will never stop talking about how the black man is a victim of white supremacy, but rarely likes to talk viable solutions.  It’s always, “Feminism is teaching black women to hate black men (I sort of agree).” or “Race soldiers are killing us!” or “They’re effeminizing black men!” or  “Coons will be the death of us!” ok…and?

When do we start pushing for black lawyers to push for legislation against cops?  When do we get more black judges?  When do we build communities where our tax dollars controls what a school teaches?  No, the super pro-blacks don’t care about that.  They still have this weird Truck Turner -esqe fantasy about getting revenge in a way that makes them feel big and strong but not what actually works.

True progress is not in an instant, it isn’t even done in a decade.  But the progress pro-blacks want screams of righteous indignation and being obtuse.  And sadly I don’t believe any of them realize this.

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