Single Moms Gotta Stop Raising “Gentlemen”

Onyx Contributor:  H.T. (@Gees3Howard)

As someone who was technically raised by a single mother (my parents were broken up but I never was really without my father), one thing often crosses my mind is:  why does it seem like single moms, in my case black single moms, have this tendency to raise their sons to be mighty moist and call it “raising gentlemen”?

See, I get having your son wear a suit here and there growing up, but mine and many other boys grew up with those moms that felt a need to raise their sons to be “that” dude.  It’ll be April and their moms will have their asses dressed in their Sunday best.  Seriously, I was lucky and was that guy who at least wore polos and the like, but I knew a lot of kids who quite frankly seemed to be the victim of their moms trying to make them into the man they wished their father was.

These tend to be the moms who say “my son is my king” because frankly the mom hasn’t accepted that maybe the reason she can’t find the man she wants or needs is because she looks in the wrong places.  Seriously, I know kids whose moms never shut up about why they couldn’t find a good man, but even then I could tell that the reason was because these chicks were looking for love in the club and even at the damn liquor store.  Got good government jobs with benefits and the like, but stay chasing some dusty dude with NBA shorts and no job.  Bet you anything they kept curving some dorky dude at their office that actually wanted to take them on a real date but got mad when that nigga started dating the office Becky.  Bet.

The reason behind this whole thing of raising these kinds of dudes is because quite frankly, these are always the ones growing up with a normalized image of dysfunction in women and even try to justify it as they’ve only grown up hearing the defense speech of “It’s not my fault, all men are trash.  You need to be the good man a woman needs!”  Never mind that the REASON all men SEEM to be trash is because that’s all they pursue or entertain.

When men grow up thinking this is normal, you get this:

Fact is, the REASON these moist dudes are a danger is because it emboldens regressive minded people like Jason Black who rile up his idiotic wannabe mau maus ass fan base by holding these guys as a convenient target to keep people talking about ineffective strategies for fighting white supremacy.  But the utmost important reason is that the black community is in fact matriarchal and almost to a fault as frankly the joke that moms in the black community tend to be 16, the grandma is 31 and the great grandma is 46 is becoming the norm.

Fact is, black women can’t complain that black men are trash and have no spine while expecting them to be okay with women walking around looking like they’re selling pussy.  Simple fact is that any man worth his salt will be straight up and not be okay with a woman who walks around half naked all the time as all it says is, she has no discretion and frankly needs attention (possibly dick) from other men that you’re not giving her.  It’s just how men are wired.  It’s why rappers end up dating the same 3 women all the time:  none of them are there for a long time, just a good time.

Frankly, normalizing this idea that women who at least discuss being in a relationship shouldn’t look the part will frankly not end well.  I know far too many “male feminists” who are too enlightened to tell his girlfriend, sometimes even wives, how to carry themselves.  Then make excuses for her selling ass on the side (William J. Jackson from Father Teresa’s Wine Cellar comes to mind) or even her just fucking everyone but him.

Never have I ever met a man who was okay with his wife just drawing attention from other men and didn’t look like this:

Fact is, yes, men need to be willing to stand up for what they believe as frankly all we’re making is more Forrest Gump type guys.  Sad fact is, Forrest, by today’s college freshmen feminist standards, would be seen as an enlightened woke man for not only being essentially nonchalant about the fact Jenny wanted to just essentially sleep around and be slutty while he loved her almost more than his mother.  But then again, Forrest saw his mom fuck a teacher to get him into the next grade, so I’m pretty sure this is normal to him.  Forrest, despite clearly being dumb as hell, would be beloved as despite all his accomplishments, he never thought maybe he didn’t need to chase a woman who played guitar on stage naked or clearly would go on to die of aids.

No, this is the growing norm.  And I beg of you, if you are a mother of a son, don’t raise him to think this is normal.  For the sake of society, we cannot normalize this.

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