Laci Green Isn’t a Sellout. She’s the Inevitable Future.

Onyx Contributor:  H.T. (@517NightHawk)

As was said on here, YouTube feminist icon Laci Green apparently “sold out” feminism by deciding to side with the Red Pill movement and realized that modern feminism is kind of a losing battle these days.  Many will say that Laci seemingly sold out her fans and values for literal dick, but I think we all need to admit that as time goes on, this will continue to happen.

Fact is, for as much as any of us believe in equality for women, the fact is we’ve reached a point where the ideology has been taken over by those who would rather inject their own personal hurt into a wide reaching ideology to get their wish.

Basically this, but with men.

In the end, w’eve come to a point at which men are not expected to basically hate ourselves to show that we care about the plight of women.  Someone will ask, “But don’t black people expect that of white people too?”  No, only annoying bastards like The Love Life of an Asian Guy or Kat Blaque do.  The rest of normal rational black folks just want white people to just get it and keep it rolling.

Laci gets called siding with “white supremacists” but it really seems like these days that’s become a catch all like “Nazi” for “white guys who I don’t agree with on racial issues.”  Yes, there are ACTUAL white supremacists in America.  Again, I live in Michigan.  The whole north end of my state is crawling with crazy militias reading The Turner Diaries.  But to say some guys who disagree with you are on par with the Klan is frankly unfair and leads to ridiculous ultimatums like when Kriss from the Insanity Check podcast said that everybody who didn’t agree that Shea Moisture was on some shit was as bad as actual racists and Trump supporters.

In Laci’s case, this ultimatum was leveraged when it was revealed that she’s in a relationship with alleged Gamergate (GG) supporter Chris Ray Gun.  I say alleged because he didn’t follow the party line and say GG was just angry neckbeards, but in fact that a bunch of out of touch hipsters coming into gaming via indie games and journalism, and pushing this narrative that gaming needed to grow up as THEY saw fit.

Fact is, Red Pill came into existence because feminism got to a point where reality was starting to be ignored when it came to things like romance and attraction.  Fact was, guys were pissed that some pink haired pretious quim decided to tell us all to be more humbled and that our problem was that we had the audacity to desire someone.  Not that we should improve ourselves, not that we should change who we pursue; no the problem was that we had a crush essentially.

Keep in mind, the average woman pushing this narrative had a bunch of guys like Jeremy D. Johnson worshiping the ground they walk on while they were keeping it casual with some dirty tattooed hipster that may or may not get them pregnant or break their heart, leaving a door open for the sad sacks she told “sit down bitch, be humble” to.  Red Pill, for all it may sound like craziness, there is verifiable fact to it and to deny it screams volumes about the fact that many people don’t realize the privilege THEY have.

The privilege of course being that when you have more to offer relationship wise, shit comes easier.  Fact is, we all aren’t rich, but if you grow up your whole life at least within the general margins of what’s considered conventionally attractive, you grow up viewing dating the same way rich people grow up viewing poor people.

To many so called feminists, the reason so many people get pissed off is because they don’t get what love is like for the average person.  Yes, I spend time and money on women I’m sexually attracted to BECAUSE I want something in return.  The women who think it’s ridiculous that a man would just spend two-thirds of a full time paycheck on a woman have gone so long having guys just jockey left and right just for her attention that this seems normal to her.

For Laci, I think she saw the writing on the wall that many women wind up seeing as time goes on these days.  Fact is, all these yes men seem cool, but a lot of women, whether they want to admit it or not, won’t admit that all these moist dudes don’t do it for them physically.  Eventually, they’ll encounter a man who won’t back down to them, challenge them and either they’ll have to reevaluate all that they know, realize he’s their kryptonite and love the bomb, or like many, buckle down and virtue signal themselves into loneliness.  Laci decided against this.

Go ahead, call her a “pick me” at least she’s not like Anita Sarkeesian and beloved by a sea of beta males.

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