Murder Does Not Register as Murder Unless the Victim is White…Or a Dog

I recently came across a news story on the CBS Baltimore website published on May 10, 2017 titled “Jury Awards $1.26 Million For Dog Shot, Killed By Police Officer“.  Yes, you read that correctly.  A cop by the name of Officer Rodney Price alleges that a 4-and-a-half year old Chesapeake Bay Retriever named Vern attacked him when he was looking into a neighborhood burglary.  After a 3 day trial it was determined that Officer Price was not attacked by the dog and that the officer violated the dog owner’s constitutional rights.  As a result, the owner of the deceased dog was awarded $1.26M.  $1.26 muthafuckin’ million dollars.  Let that shit sink in for a minute.

The verdict sends a strong message to the police about community expectations.  The duty to serve and protect extends to our animal family members as well.  Shooting Vern was senseless, unnecessary and unconstitutional.— Cary J. Hansel, counsel for the plaintiff

Imagine that, the death of a dog at the hands of the police magically sends a strong message to the police in regards to how they proceed to go about policing communities. 😳

I mean you’re trained to use pepper spray, mace, a baton, there were so many things that I think could have been avoided.” — Patrick Reeves, the owner of Vern the deceased dog

Imagine that, a white guy stating that cops have other non-lethal options for dealing with incidents. 😳

When is the last time you heard a white person talk about the unjust death of a black person, such as Philando Castile & others, should send a “strong message to the police about community expectations”?  Or how senseless, unnecessary and unconstitutional it is to kill unarmed black people?  When is the last time you heard a white person talk about using pepper spray, mace, a baton & other non-lethal tactics to deal with an unarmed black person?  When?  When is that last time that message was put out to the media?  It’s NEVER the case.  There is NEVER any discussion surrounding “strong messages about police expectations” or constitutionality or any of that shit.  It’s ALWAYS, “Should have listened to the police!” or “BLUE LIVES MATTER!”  When it comes to dogs, white people say fuck Blue Lives Matter.  Dog Lives Matter up in this bitch!  Now pay me!

This is just another part of the sick & twisted psyche of too many damn white people in America.  They will go all out to treat a dog as if this dog is a damn human being & in the same breath go all out to treat a black person as a damn rabid animal that must be exterminated and come up with every “I’m white & I say so” excuse to justify the black person’s death.  How fucking sick & twisted can white America as a whole truly be?

This shit is never going to stop until the cops start piling up white bodies with impunity.  Eldridge Cleaver stated it beautifully in his book published in 1968 titled Soul On Ice:

The racist conscience of America is such that murder does not register as murder, really, unless the victim is white.  Negroes have become so used to this double standard that they, too, react differently to the death of a white.  When white freedom riders were brutalized along with blacks, a sigh of relief went up from the black masses, because the blacks knew that white blood is the coin of freedom in a land where for four hundred years black blood has been shed unremarked and with impunity.  America has never truly been outraged by the murder of a black man, woman, or child.” — Eldridge Cleaver

They need to do a revision to Eldridge Cleaver’s book and add a chapter speaking specifically about white America’s love affair with dogs & how valued their lives are over black people’s lives.  $1.26 million muthafuckin’ dollars for the life of a fucking dog at the hands of the police.  Fuxx outta here.

Your favorite mulatto.

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