Why the Chyna Fox’s of Social Media Don’t Realize Why the Rubia Garcia’s Stay Winning

Onyx Contributor:  H.T. (@517NightHawk)

After listening to the latest BLE about how social media vloggers like Chyna Fox and Cynthia G keep getting ignored over the Rubia Garcia’s and Shaun King, the answer is pretty simple really.  See, the big overarching problem with social justice is that it pushes a narrative that frankly is mighty annoying to the average person, especially black people.

Why?  Well, for one, a lot of the narratives tend to fall under either “let’s march, protest and troll social justice at people to get change” or “let’s create some sort of esoteric program to educate white people on injustice.”  Hell, even a few of you sad sacks go as far as to say, “we are not our grandparents” but refuse to start armed resistances.  Not that it would matter.  I read stories of full on communists from the west going into the Middle East to fight ISIS, but y’all wont even pick up a gun to at least appear to fight back.  Not that it would matter, DHS hires West Point valedictorians to be snipers, so y’all would go down pretty fast.

But the biggest reason y’all refuse to get is that you don’t understand basic optics.  “Woke” vloggers will have some fine looking women telling shit that is verifiably true, but y’all will just be mad aggy at people who don’t agree and won’t even soften your tone to not come off like a pissed off teacher yelling at a student.  You’ll straight verbally bitch out all the men for not doing enough and call them all out their name, then wonder why all the strong men leave and go cape for the Beckies but all the guys left who listen to you look like this:


It’s cause y’all really expect grown men to bow down and say they’re trash because your favorite Alice Walker reading activist says they should.  Fact is, no.  No grown man is going to just lash themselves over other men’s short comings to seem woke and frankly the ideas y’all have about social justice aren’t really relevant to the average straight man.

Y’all will expect us to march every time a black person is killed by the police and even hear y’all out about abolishing the police because “muh, they used to be slave catchers” ok, don’t mean I’m not about to call them when shit goes down.  Y’all be wanting men to fight white supremacy, but be mad when the niggas who are crazy enough to fight a multilayer system designed to deal with crazy folks like y’all is problematic.  Huh, a guy who is crazy enough to fight an entire ideology that couldn’t be completed without holocaust level deaths, thus making us what we hate is problematic.  SHOCKER.

Y’all don’t trust black people who fuck with white people.  Well, we don’t trust YOU.  I don’t know this magical world you live in where black folks don’t have to interact with or even see white people were attracted to, but it clearly only exists in your head my dear.  Fact is, black people cape for the white people saying this shit because all we want is for white people to be LESS racist.  Y’all want reparations, land, a collective apology from white people across the globe, the moon, the stars, Prince to be brought back to life and do an album with Beyonce…basically the irrational rantings of angry women.

Call me a coon, call me whatever, but know that all us coons would rather be able to take care of ourselves, a family, and live comfortably than to live out your Spook Who Sat by the Door fantasies.  Fact is, the average black person with a stable job and a happy life doesn’t press themselves over issues like police, cultural appropriation, and male privilege as most of us don’t have the same concerns as some frustrated hipster at NYU.  Go ahead, make fun of us for dating white women.  We’ll be happy with a family and unconcerned.

Y’all will just be sitting around yelling men are trash to the same gawky looking dudes who will back you up and in time you will ask, was it worth it?

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