Is Laci Green a Suspected White Supremacist?

Onyx Contributor:  Asher Primus

MTV is not like how it was 10 years ago, now their direction has changed to fit in with the feminist and LGBT community.  Most of the shows incorporate the visibility of various genders, sexual orientations and racial minorities.  Their platform has also extended to YouTube.  Decoded is hosted by Francesca Ramsey and MTV Braless’ host is Laci Green.  MTV Decoded continues to upload content as they renewed for their new (current) season, while MTV Braless has been inactive for almost a year, yet Laci Green does have her own YouTube channel.

For those unaware of who is she, Laci Green is a white feminist who educates people on sex education, stereotypes and privileges.  Ever since she  started her YouTube channel and went viral, she has been harassed and bullied, by mostly white men from white supremacist groups and their followings.  Ironically, with her social media hiatus, she reinvents herself with the very men who even threatened to kill her.  She is willing to explore and be a part of their spaces, where they do not just talk about their disdain for women, but also black people.

In the entitled video, ‘Taking the Red Pill?’, she talks about her YouTube break and during this break she has been hanging around suspected white supremacists and even attended Trump rallies.  Laci Green accredits herself as ‘awoken’ with the “red pill” (a Matrix Trilogy reference) as a metaphor for seeing a new reality.  In the video, she rambles on and on about her enlightenment as if she is one of those overdramatic humanity professors in college.  It seems her new approach is a reality check that white feminism and men’s rights organizations are one of the same.  In continuation, she blushes that these men are willing to let her join their movement.  Do not be fooled, it is not an act of exploring the unpopular opinion, but a reawakening of her own prejudice.  In comparison, she describes feminism as flawed for not being open-minded as she talks about how upset she was with a feminist researcher being discredited for writing a paper supporting transracialism.  Two weeks after her first Red Pill video, she continues with a part 2.  Even though, she is giving a platform for anti-SJW and Red Pill followers to dialogue, her intention is not innocent.  Most of these white men are anti-black and only use the front of being sexist as a safer cover.  Granted, they will throw out tons of videos on why women should pay for dates or how feminism is ruining American women, but eventually they will express how they are more concerned with race than their pathetic dating lives.  

As for examples, a YouTuber by the username Black Pigeon Speaks started his early YouTube career with a video explaining how women destroyed their own nations after being conquered.  The video circulated among pro-black men on Facebook, but black people quickly unsubscribed to his channel as they started digging into his newer videos realizing how his anti-feminism videos turned to anti-black.  In some of his outrageous videos, he goofily blames Muslim immigrants for the downfall of European cultures and even compared Marvel’s Black Panther to Alt-Right ideology.  Sargon of Akkad is also a YouTuber who is known for the same thing.  His anti-feminist response videos became anti-BLM and he even used Assata Shakur for a thumbnail (in one of his videos) to imply that she is to blame for protest and black people defending themselves from white supremacists.  Then, there are the black men who splintered away from MGTOW to form black MGTOW or IBMOR due to racism/anti-black rhetoric.

Now let’s tie this to Laci Green’s part 2 video in becoming Red Pill; it becomes laughable as she plays victim among her own feminist peers as she looks like she is about to cry.  She looks for sympathy when she tells a story of how feminists were trying to mug her at a parking lot and describes other incidences of bullying and death threats.  Of course, Laci Green is not just exchanging ideologies, she is also dating suspected white supremacist YouTuber, Chris Ray Gun.  He is a white nerd who does commentary on his stance against Islam, feminism and black people as he shares his acute views that they practice racial double standards.  Chris Ray Gun has even targeted black YouTubers:  Sensei Aishitemasu and Kat Blaque.

Overall, I do not care much over the infighting among feminist and for starters. Laci Green is not the only white woman who follows Red Pill, MGTOW or even the Alt-Right as they too want in on the ability and privilege to oppress.  Black men knew what time it was anyways, it is only a matter of time before more white feminists began to expose themselves and for the feminist fragility to spill over towards black feminists who are with white supremacist partners.

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