Social Justice Warriors Just Want to be Social Media Famous….Here’s Proof

So there’s this high yellow light bright out on these social media streets named Chyna Fox who recently made a video going off on this white chick named Rubia Garcia about basically…bullshit.  Well, I guess I can explain the bullshit in a little bit more detail, but I really don’t want to, but since you asked…

To make a long story long:  The white chick named Rubia Garcia is a school teacher out in New Orleans who has a rather large following who makes video after video talking about mostly subjects pertaining to racism & white supremacy (or at least that’s the stuff I’ve seen whenever it pops up on my timeline).  Anyways, word on the street is, there are a lot of black people who give her too much praise on her videos.  Also, there appears to be a lot of black men who spend time fantasizing about her…who fucking knows.  Moving on, there’s this light bright black chick (maybe mixed maybe not, who knows) named Chyna Fox who apparently got all in her feels because the white chick recently did a video talking about how she was going to put some micro braids in her hair.  Anyways, these feels from the light bright turned into a 10 minute long rant that basically amounted to 10 minutes worth of pure hating because the white chick has a significantly larger following than the light bright.  Check the video for yourself.

(I didn’t put that caption on the video btw)

Now here’s the white chick’s response to the light bright.

So after watching 30 minutes of this foolishness I’ve firmly come to the conclusion that this so-called social justice warrior thingy has essentially withered down to a bunch of black people getting mad that people aren’t checking for their content like they are the white people.  Niggas just want followers at the end of the day.  I mean seriously, how else do you sum up the angry light bright’s video in response to a white chick who wanted to get some braids & do some videos talking about whatever the hell it is she talks about which has resulted in her getting a big ass online following?  The light bright spent 10 damn minutes rambling on & on about this white chick getting more shine for allegedly saying the same things the light bright says.  The light bright then turned her attention to black men whom are allegedly praising the white chick because I’m assuming they got a fetish for “woke” white chicks…truth be told, that narrative is spreading more & more by the day amongst black women in regards to black men, but that’s another article for the future I suppose.  But real talk, how else would you describe these videos?

“YOU COON!  YOU’RE CAPING FOR BECKY!”  — angry knee grow with a social media account reading this

You can call it caping, I honestly don’t give a shit.  Point is, the light bright stated in her own damn video that she was basically pissed off that the white chick was getting more shine than her even though I assume they both talk about the same damn thing.  But here’s the problem:  why is this all of a sudden shocking?  People like Tim Wise & Dixon White have been doing this.  Everybody knows that when a white person says the same shit a black person says, the white person gets more attention thrown their way.  Why are black people all of a sudden acting surprised now?  Why?  You niggas been knew this shit.  The issue here is, the light bright is pissed the fuck off because her shit isn’t getting any love nowhere to the tune of the white chick.  The light bright wants her shit watched, liked & shared 50leven million times like the white chick.  The light bright wants to be the next social media famous social justice warrior who is simply social media famous for making videos talking about white people and their bullshit all day long.  That’s it.  That’s what this is honestly all about.  The light bright has no intentions of using her platform to do anything tangible in the real world that can actually bring about real change, and I’ve seen a few of her videos in the past & all of the ones I’ve seen are basically the same shit over & over:  white people are evil, black people who mess with white people are coons!  Same shit, different video.  The white chick, I’ve seen a few of her videos too and she pretty much says similar shit over & over and I’m sure the white chick isn’t doing anything tangible to instill real change either.  Although the white chick does claim to have raised a bunch of money via her platform to donate to flood victims and to buy school supplies for the children she teaches.  So maybe the white chick is doing something.  I can’t confirm, I can only go by what was said in that video.

Either way, regardless of who you side with in this foolishness, both of these people are getting high off of those like & share buttons on Facebook.  One has been getting hella high for quite sometime now (white chick) and the other is literally complaining that she’s not getting high enough (light bright).  But these are your so-called social justice warriors ladies and gentleman.  These are the people who will help lead you to the promised land where black people will one day be truly seen as human beings fully deserving of respect & equal justice….so as long as you hit that follow button, that like button & that share button.  You are literally just 3 button clicks away from freedom.

Meanwhile here in the real world, somebody specifically point out how all of the videos from the white chick has slowed down white supremacists & cops from putting their foot in black people’s asses?  Show me in the real world where any video from the light bright has actually initiated some real tangible change that can actually be felt to where these white supremacists & cops are easing off of black people’s asses?  Cause I don’t see it.  All I see are a bunch of people who want to become the next Shaun King or Deray Mckesson chasing that coveted blue check mark on social media which announces to the world that “you are somebody”.  That’s it.

PS:  Hit the like, share & subscribe button so that one day I too can become social media famous.  😬

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