BLE 85: Rubia Garcia Is Stealing All the Black Men From Black Women


This episode we’ll be talking about social justice warriors mad at the white chick Rubia Garcia claiming she’s culturally appropriating black women by wearing braids…along with some other foolishness.

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Intro:  Davahn Moore

Main Topic:  
Chyna Fox

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Tommie Rush

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Your favorite mulatto.

1 Comment

  1. H.T. Smith

    June 19, 2017 at 6:11 pm

    In my defense, i was only ready to fight him when he insulted my girlfriend. If you wanna see what she looks like, gil can look on my facebook.

    Also, this chick chyna sounds like my old mentor valerie green. Just angry and irrational.

    Fact is, the guys that hate black panther are hypocrites cause they very likey liked luke cage: an ex con mandingo nigga that was first introduced dicking down a white woman. But yeah, the african KING is the problem. Westernized minded liberation as black people smh.

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