It’s 2017 & Black People Are Still Pretending to Be Shocked That Cops Are Getting Off

I’ve grown rather tired of discussing issues surrounding black people being unjustly killed by the police.  I’ve reached a point where I think it’s fair to ask, “What else can be said that hasn’t already been stated?”  Seriously, if somebody out there can present a new argument for me to ponder over in regards to why shit like this keeps happening, I’d be glad to listen.  Sadly, I know damn near every last black person from the bottom of the totem pole to the highest levels of money & fame will undoubtedly repeat the same ole bullshit.  The same ole bullshit that has been stated since every race riot sparked by a white supremacist that resulted in the unjust death of a black person.  So why should black people expect anything different in regards to Jeronimo Yanez being acquitted on all counts related to the unjust death of Philando Castile?

Some may say I sound like a defeatist.  Hell, at this point, maybe you’re right.  I have no intentions of trying to argue otherwise.  Truth of the matter is, all black people are defeatists.  It doesn’t matter how much pro-black, down with white supremacy shit black people talk online or at their little meet-ups in their local city…ain’t shit changing.  It doesn’t matter how many tweets, Facebook status updates, YouTube videos, or blog posts one can create…ain’t shit changing.  The arguments for why this shit is wrong are always the same.  The protesters with their protest signs are always the same.  The only thing that changes is the name of the victim.  The outcome is always the same.  So can somebody honestly show me where anything has changed?

White supremacy, white supremacy, white supremacy…WHITE SUPREMACY!!!

It doesn’t matter how many times you eloquently explain what white supremacy is, the shit is still the same.  I’m currently reading Soul on Ice by Eldridge Cleaver, this book was originally written in 1965 & published in 1968.  If you didn’t know any better, you’d swear that this 52 year old book was just written within the last year or so.  That’s how much shit hasn’t changed.  And like I stated earlier, the only changes in Soul on Ice are the names of the people, the events are damn near 100% the same today as they were back then.  So can anybody honestly tell me how any of the efforts black people proclaim to be putting forth are actually making an impact?  I just don’t see it.

Black economic empowerment, black economic empowerment…BLACK ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT!

Black economic empowerment is touted by the most adamant of so-called black conscious thought leaders on the web (or that’s how they choose to sell themselves online), but is that the answer?  Don’t get me wrong, when I became beyond fed up with how white society at large constantly got away with murdering black people with impunity, especially after Trayvon Martin’s untimely death, I too became rather very vocal about screaming black economic empowerment from the top of my lungs to anyone who could hear me.  I too presented every argument in the book that I could come up with in the most logical way I could to explain for how black people being the most economically poor is the reason this shit keeps happening over & over & over again.  But now I find myself questioning exactly what is black economic empowerment going to fix?  Seriously, everybody likes to reflect on the good ole days of Tulsa, OK…yet we all know the history of Tulsa after a black person was accused of raping a white woman.  Rosewood, FL…another black community decimated by white people over a false rape accusation involving a black man & white woman.  And I’m sure there are others, but these are the most “popular” unfortunately.  But my overall point is, the argument for black economic empowerment is so that black people can circulate their money amongst black people in hopes of using this money to influence the political, legal & educational systems so that black people can let their money do the fighting to bring about true equality & justice….but is that truly a reality?  Sure, black people will point to other groups of people like Asians & Hispanics whom seem to have their own little economies going on in most major cities to the point where they aren’t really being fucked with like black people are, but here’s the problem…they’re not black people.  Black people have ALWAYS been getting fucked with since the first slave arrived on these shores.  It’s literally engrained in America’s DNA that black people MUST be shitted on every chance America gets to drop its pants to take a shit.  That’s literally the entire history of this country.  A few hundred years of slavery to where it was flat out 100% legal to abuse, torture & brutalize the black body in any manner one could conceive because black people weren’t even viewed as human beings.  Not too long after slavery legally ended, 99 years of Jim Crow declared that black people were somewhat human but were still subjugated to being abused, tortured & brutalized.  Not too long after Jim Crow was “eradicated”, 53 years to the present day of so-called Civil Rights to where basically the law states black people “are” human and are to be treated as humans.  But, unless you are under the age of 5, we all know that shit ain’t the truth.  It doesn’t matter how pro-black you are or how much of a coon you may be, wherever you fit in on that sliding scale, you know damn well that black people are still treated like subhumans.

So is there a solution?

Your guess is as good as mines at this point.  I honestly don’t know.  You can continue to call out white supremacy every chance you get, you can still continue to preach black economic empowerment every chance you get…but sadly, none of that shit is going to change a white supremacist or a cop (regardless of their race) from hunting you, killing you & being found legally justified for killing you.  Reason being is because black people as a whole are mentally conquered & defeated.  I’ve stated before that there simply aren’t enough dead black bodies for real change to come about and I’ll probably keep saying it as long as the same results keep coming back every time a black person is unjustly killed and their killer walks.  In the end, there is only but one real solution and we all know what it is.  I would state it, but I don’t want to be accused of saying something that could cause my house to be raided by the feds.  Some of you will say, “You too are defeated!”  Maybe I am, I really don’t know at this point.  What I do know is, there isn’t a damn thing any black person anywhere in America can do to help protect my ass if some shit were to pop off that caused me serious legal issues.  Think about it, for all of you super angry knee grows ready to physically retaliate some type of way…after your retaliation, then what?  You become a martyr of some sort?  A martyr for what exactly?  What will have changed?  What exactly will you have died or risked your “freedom” for exactly?  Malcolm X is dead, Martin Luther King, Jr. is dead, Edgar Mevers is dead.  What changed after these people died for you to exist in a world that is actually peaceful and just towards black people?  If their deaths & graduation into martyr status didn’t change shit, what makes you think yours will?  Colin Kaepernick, what in the fuck is he actually going to change?  Shaun King, what is he going to change?  Tariq Nasheed, Dr. Boyce Watkins, etc…what are they actually going to change to keep the system of white supremacy off your ass?  Watching Hidden Colors & listening to lectures on black economic empowerment isn’t slowing shit down for the system of white supremacy.

I’m just asking questions, cause I’ve come to a point where I’ve ran out of shit to say in regards to the constant unjust deaths imposed upon the black body under the system of white supremacy.

Your favorite mulatto.
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