“Biracials Think They Are Better Than Blacks!” — Angry Monoracial Blacks with Social Media Accounts

A black dude hit my inbox up on Facebook earlier today to inform me that he doesn’t like the fact that I’ll say I’m black one day & I’ll say I’m a mulatto the next day.  Then after all of his “angry knee grow with a Facebook account” rhetoric on how HE feels about biracial people like me, he proceeded to tell me this:

“Biracial people just think they are better than black people!”

Here’s the thing about that statement:  Maybe we are. 🤔

I’m 37 years old.  In all of my 37 years of life, I can’t recall a single time where I’ve heard a biracial person go around proclaiming to be better than any black person simply because this biracial person is biracial.  Well, I take that back, I have heard it from ONE person.  But other than that, I’ve never heard it.  You know what I do hear?  I hear black people constantly repeating that phrase towards a biracial person.  I’ve heard that shit so much in my life that I honestly used to argue with these niggas about how I wasn’t better and how we are all “just the same”.  As of lately, I’ve grown to a point in my “wokeness” that quite frankly, I just agree with these niggas now.  I’m not about to argue with a monoracial black person on whether or not I think I’m better simply because I’m biracial.  If a nigga wants to assume I’m better, so be it.  The days of me trying to make myself seem less worthy in order to make you feel better about your preconceptions of me ended quite a while ago.  Matter of fact, I encourage ALL biracial people to adopt the same philosophy of just agreeing with these niggas.  Stop debating them.  If they honestly believe in their heart of hearts that we biracials are better simply because we are biracial…LET ‘EM.  We’re not the ones losing in this scenario. 😂  Real talk.  Let these niggas think we are better and keep it pushing.

For the, “Biracials are just black!” knee grows of America…you know what?  I agree with you too. I’m black with options. 😬  I’m black with the option to say I’m biracial/mulatto while you on the other hand are just…black.  I’m not interested in debating you niggas either.

For the, “Biracials are NOT black!” knee grows…last time I checked, monoracial blacks have no power, influence or authority to dictate anything in this country.  You have no authority over whether or not a biracial who has a black parent wants to identify as black or mixed.  All you can do is just get on social media and angrily bang out your feels on the keyboard while mixed niggas like me laugh at you with smiles adorned in pettiness.  That’s all you can do.  I mean seriously, what in the fuck are you really going to do to a biracial person who chooses to identify themselves as black?  What are you gonna do?  You gonna lock them up in jail?  You gonna deny them a job?  You gonna call up a congressman to get them to change the laws of how biracials are classified?  You gonna try to beat us up in the streets?  What in the fuck are you really gonna do besides get on social media and make endless status updates or YouTube videos about us?  You’re not going to do a damn thing but keep crying like little bitches because you know damn well you have no power to enforce any damn thing.  The hysterical thing is, you KNOW you don’t have any power.  Hell, all of your favorite super duper pro-black personalities on social media remind you daily that black people have no power.  So being that this is case, what makes you think you have the power to decide upon how a biracial chooses to identify?  Just go sit down somewhere and find another hotep meme to post.

Finally, to all my biracials, mulattos, & multiracials out there who constantly hear this annoying bullshit from monoracial blacks about whether you are black, not black enough, or just not black at all…stop debating these niggas and just resort to getting petty with them.  All of these so-called intellectual debates are pointless.  Just go straight into petty mode and remind them of who’s really at the bottom of the totem pole (my bad I wasn’t supposed to say that).

“See, see, seeeeee…that cracka side is coming out you!  You are a light skinned supremacists!”another angry knee grow with a social media account reading this.

Maybe it is the cracka in me, who knows.  It’s all cool and the gang when monoracial blacks wanna go on these endless tirades about how they feel us biracials should be viewed in America, but when a biracial pulls out the ultimate “at least I’m not black-black” card to check that ass…then all of a sudden the monoracial knee grow’s feelings get hurt.

PS:  Can somebody from the Monoracial Angry Knee Grow With a Social Media Account Tribe please explain to me exactly how this works?

A monoracial black told me that I’m not black, I’m just a mutt, a zebra, a dirty white boy, & a mixed breed.  I then said…ok…at least I’m not black-black. 😂  Then this knee grow proceeded to tell me, “Well when the cops & white supremacists show up, you’ll realize that you are black then!”  I was confused.  I was like, “Didn’t this knee grow JUST tell me 2 seconds ago that I wasn’t black because I’m mixed?  Now all of a sudden when the white folks & cops show up I’m black.”  Which one do you want me to be black person?  Like I mentioned in regards to my piece about Tiger Woods, it seems like monoracial black people ONLY want to claim biracials as black when something bad happens to the biracial.  I don’t get it.  But then again, I guess I really don’t have to.

PPS:  To address the statement of me choosing to identify as black one day or a mulatto the next day, it’s like this here:  when black folks are doing good in the media & social media, I say I’m black.  When black folks are fucking up, I say I’m mixed. This shit switches daily sometimes.  But that’s a part of this “black with options” thing I mentioned earlier. Deal with it.

Your favorite mulatto.

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