Facebook PERMANENTLY Bans a Black Content Creator

There is a guy out there named Arturo Holmez who owns a website called Negropean in which he discusses issues affecting black society from a rather unapologetic standpoint.  Well, it turns out that Arturo Holmez has been PERMANENTLY banned.  Not temporarily banned, but PERMANENTLY BANNED as in, according to Arturo, he can’t even create another Facebook account that is attached to the IP address of his residence (I’m assuming).  Now that’s crazy.

What’s even crazier is, I’m the guy directly responsible for inspiring him to start his own website.

Arturo Holmez hit me up in the inbox of my Facebook fan page a few weeks ago basically giving me props for the content I was creating.  I looked him up to discover that he was the owner of the Negropean website, a website/fan page that I had seen being shared on Facebook rather frequently over the last few months.  During our inbox chat, he informed me that the reason he decided to create the Negropean website is because he read an article I had wrote discussing my issues back in 2016 with being constantly banned.  What first peeked my interest into eventually discovering that Arturo was permanently banned was when I decided to check my fan page inbox messages.  I saw his message with our conversation but his name, his profile pic, and even his portion of the dialogue had all been deleted.  I thought that was mighty strange.

Then I attempted to locate his Negropean fan page to discover that it was nowhere to be found.  Lastly, I decided to go to his website to discover his article talking about how he was permanently banned from Facebook.  Now this is just some complete bullshit on account of Facebook.  But this goes to show what I have been saying for quite some time now, if you are one of those people who likes to get extra pro-black on Facebook, it’s probably in your best interest to create your own platform outside of Facebook to ensure your message can’t be censored or erased.  This is the first time I’ve heard of a person being permanently banned from Facebook, but I’m sure it won’t be the last especially as this relates to knee grows out on Facebook trying to speak their mind openly & honestly about racism & white supremacy.

Your favorite mulatto.