Black People Love Saying Biracials Are JUST Black When Something Bad Happens to a Biracial

In case you missed it, Tiger Woods was arrested for a DUI the other day.  Well, it turns out that he actually wasn’t drinking & suffered some type of reaction to a mixture of prescription pills.  But I’m not here to discuss that with you all.  I’m here to talk about the Knee Grow Delegation of Blackistan who were celebrating with pride in the fact that Tiger Wood’s arrest record had him labeled as black.

In case you missed it, knee grows all over social media were doing a jig because Tiger Wood’s arrest record had his race labeled as black.  I saw comments ranging from the one posted above in the screenshot to knee grows saying shit like, “No matter how hard you try to escape being black, you will always been seen & treated as black in America”, to which I found rather stupid considering I can’t recall Tiger Woods every denying any part of him being black or that getting arrested for a DUI is something that ONLY black people endure.  What I also found rather dumb is this “black” racial code being celebrated as if there are a multitude of racial categories to pick from in the first damn place on most official government forms of various types.  I’ve never been arrested but I have filled out plenty of government forms that have asked me for my race & I’ve yet to fill out a form that has a box for biracial or mulatto.  It’s always:  black, white, white of non-Hispanic descent or some other shit.  So of course the black box would be checked for Tiger Woods because his skin looks like every other black person in America for the most part.  But then again, how come he couldn’t check white?  Some of you idiots will say, “BECAUSE HE LOOKS BLACK!  HE IS BLACK AND HE WILL BE TREATED AS BLACK!”  To that I say, well what about Richard Rojas? Richard who you might ask?  Richard Rojas, the dude who ran over some people & killed a teenage girl in NYC about 2 weeks ago.  Need a reminder, here’s his picture…

Here’s an official arrest record of him from Jacksonville, FL.  Now pay very close attention to what they have his race listed as:

Knee grows were wildly celebrating him being “white” too.

Now can somebody explain to me how this clear as day brown skin Hispanic dude is all of a sudden white?  Not just regular ole white, but NOT OF HISPANIC ORIGIN white.  How does this work?  I know some of you are will say some dumb shit like, “Well, they classify certain ethnic groups as white!”  Ok.  Despite him not looking one bit of white at all, this so-called “white” guy is just plain ole white because a piece of paper said he’s white.  Just like a piece of paper said Tiger Woods is JUST black.  Ok.  Amazingly a lot of you knee grows won’t find the hypocrisy in this, but that’s to be expected.

You see the real problem isn’t whether or not Tiger Woods is “black” or that Hispanic dude is “white”.  The real issue is too many black people holding on to these archaic racial constructs that are fed to them by the very institutions that black people love to run around screaming that black people should not trust.  So in one breath, a knee grow will say to NEVER trust the police or government for shit, but in another breath blindly accept what the police & government say about one’s race all because of what is listed on a piece of paper.  Funny how that works.

You know what else is funny about this Tiger Woods being JUST black foolishness, despite his mother being from Thailand, it’s how black people love to claim biracial people as JUST black ONLY when some negative shit happens to a biracial/multiracial person brought on by white America.  Remember when Jesse Williams went on BET to give his version of a Black Girl Magic speech & to address the issues with black people being unjustly killed by the police?  Remember how so many ashy knee grows from Blackistan were pissed off that a mulatto was on national TV speaking on behalf of monoracial black people?  Fast forward a couple of months to Colin Kaepernick.  Remember how black people were proudly claiming Colin Kaepernick as JUST black when he started recieving backlash from the NFL and white America for kneeling in order to bring awareness to police brutality?  Remember when President Obama became the first “black” President?  Remember how towards the end of his term Blacklantis started referring to him strictly as biracial or a mulatto because they felt he didn’t do enough for black people?  Remember the Shea Moisture fake outrage from a few weeks ago?  Remember how knee grows all over the internet were threatening to boycott a black owned hair care product company for not featuring a black woman in the first 60 second ad of a 24 ad series despite the fact that that very commercial opened up with a mulatto chick (but I guess she wasn’t black that day).  Do you remember all of this?  I do.

The reason I bring all of this up is because monoracial black people tend to want to label us biracial/multiracials strictly as black ONLY when some negative shit happens between us & white America.  Any other time, most of these monoracial knee grows will be quick to remind us that we aren’t black enough or we simply are not black period.  When you think about it, that’s actually rather sad & pathetic to ONLY want to “celebrate” a biracial being black when some bad shit happens to them.  What does that actually say about you (monoracial black person) in how you feel about your own blackness?  But of course, some of you will say, “This is not how WE feel, this is how America has set all of this up!”  To which I will say true, but you have completely bought in to it.  It amazes me how monoracial black people will go all out to preach to other black people to reject everything under the banner of white supremacy from education, to finances, to relationships, etc…but will hang on for dear life to what white people tell them in regards to racial identity.  But you knee grows don’t see the problem with that?  Ok.  Everything is not always JUST black & white.

Your favorite mulatto.
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