Let Us Not Be Afraid to Question Biracial & Black Women’s Racial Loyalty

Onyx Contributor:  Asher Primus

You would think in the Trump era that the self-proclaimed woke/SJW leaders would be more conscious on their dating choices.  If black or biracial women are making social media posts about how white women are taking all the good black men, cultural appropriation and their disdain for the President then I would assume that they would only date black or biracial men.  Yeah, you would be wrong.  Black women constantly use Kanye West as the archetype of self-hating black men who leave black women for white women, yet they forget to acknowledge that there are black men who only date black women and even shame their own if they get Becky.  Again, when the circumstances have been reversed, black women cry foul.  When they date non-black men, even in media, black women admire interracial dating as global validation.  It then becomes one-sided loyalty, where they are allowed to date out, but not black men and what bothers me the most is black women writing articles on why black men should not date outside their race.  So, they can criticize and not support Nate Parker’s Birth of a Nation for his alleged rape case (from a white woman), but can still stand with Serena Williams as she has gotten a reputation for only dating white men, even though white men are the crudest towards her by making monkey jokes or calling her a man.

Biracial and light skinned women going to whites is not as problematic, but it is offsetting to value blackness as a token/safe black person.  White people can tolerate pseudo-blackness because they are not like the other black folks who protest on the streets or rock the boat unapologetically.  They have nothing to lose since they are not too attached to white people.  Black men and women in urban environments are not safe black folks who are nervous to keep their government job, suburban living or attending PWI’s.  Therefore, I was stretching my head when I read an article about how former Fresh Prince of Bel-Air actress Kayrn Parsons, best known as Hillary Banks, established an organization that revives forgotten black history.  It sounds good, but how can she value blackness and still be with a white man?  I ask this because black women had to debate on whether to support pro-black men with white or even light-skinned wives.

Both versions of Dear White People were jokes to what it means to be pro-black.  Samantha White is a biracial girl leading her black student union chapter.  Despite her uncensored views on white people, she uses Reggie as her token black guy friend & she ends up being with being in a relationship with a white guy.  It is not surprisingly that most media outlets were quiet or supportive of her dating life.  Interesting to note that there were no demands from Black Twitter to boycott Dear White People because there were not any healthy black relationships, yet shows like Guerilla and Detroit have been threatened for not having black women as major characters or not being the love interest.

Another biracial feminist that I question is Amandla Stenberg.  Lately, she has been cast into multiple roles where she is the love interest for white boys.  Everything, Everything was directed by a black woman, but it did not rely heavily on a black audience since it was missing the typical elements for a Tyler Perry-like drama.  When I saw the trailer of Everything, Everything it fantasizes to the black audience that white men do not carry any baggage so do not expect them be baby-daddies, thugs, drug-dealers, or poor; meanwhile Hollywood expects black men to maintain stereotypes.  Granted, movies are fully representations of the actors, but Stenberg’s role and justification in When Hands Touch (yet again produced by a black woman) disappoints me that she even fights on behalf of black people.

In the film Stenberg plays a mixed-race girl in Nazi Germany and she falls in love with the son of an SS officer, who is also a member of the Hitler Youth.  If this film makes sense to black feminists, just imagine if black men produced and defended a film about a black man falling in love with a racist white woman and invites her to the black empowerment movement.  Of course, black women will not support it, so I have every right to not support When Hands Touch or any interracial movie that comes off as too perfect or contradicts blackness.  Stenberg and the film were called out in February 2017, but how did a black woman even come up with such an outlandish plot in the first place.  Stenberg defended her role and encouraged critics to give the film a chance while the director, Amma Asante, responded by saying that people were forced to do things in Nazi Germany that they did not want to do.  Be it as it may, it is partially true, but that does not dissolve them for their crimes, just ask today’s Jews on why they continue to punish surviving members of the Hitler’s Nazi Party.  Some things are unforgivable.

Biracial women can still be allies to the movement, but black men should be making the rules to limit racial confusion and white people from infiltrating and redirecting our cause.

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