White People Got Black People Terrified Offline

Think about this black folks…

If a nigga stepped on your shoe or talked about your mama, you’d be ready to knock this nigga’s head clean off.  But if a racist white person steps to you with some racist shit, the overwhelming vast majority of you niggas would turn into mannequins, attempt to debate/reason with the racist white person, or pray to white Jesus…and you know I’m not lying.  A lot of you will get online & get all internet gangsta with racist whites all up in the comments on social media & blog sites, but act like complete bitches in the physical presence of these racist bastards.  And the biggest reason a lot of you freeze up or flee is because you’re scared of potential consequences with the law.

Somebody left a comment on my FB fan page yesterday in regards to my last article about slapping the shit out of racist white people stating, “Why use violence?  Just clap back harder.  We’re humans, or at least some of us are so we should be able to communicate back, and if they want to use violence after that, so be it.”  Nigga please.

Here’s the problem with this statement:  RACIST WHITE PEOPLE ALREADY DO NOT SEE YOU AS HUMAN TO BEGIN WITH.  It doesn’t matter how arty smarty and/or reasoning you try to be with these people, they don’t give a fuck.  Niggas have been attempting to communicate with racist white people for 500 years and after all of that crying & begging, still in the year 2017 these racist bastards are still calling you a nigger to your face boldly…on camera…then looking you up & down knowing damn well you are not about to do anything to them except either attempt to talk their ear off about how wrong they are (as if they give a damn) or run to social media to cry like a lil bitch.  That’s what black people do.  Tell me I’m lying!

But for those of you so paranoid about the law possibly locking your ass up (or shooting you), I suggest you start applying these magical GoFundMe skills to that of legal fees.  Niggas have mastered the art out of soliciting money for Pooky & Them funeral expeneses, but scared to death to raise or save some money to deal with these racist white people walking these streets literally making you look like a bunch of punk bitches.  I don’t get it.  But at the end of the day, fuck all this “clap back harder” bs.  The only breath you need to waste on a racist white person that is bold enough to confront you in public is the breath associated with catching your breath after you let those Street Fighter E. Honda hands start flying.  It’s 2017, what the fuck else is there to talk about with white people who still want to hold on to & practice racist beliefs?

Your favorite mulatto.
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