It’s Time to Seriously Start Introducing Racists to These Hands

So this happened to a woman named Eva Hicks in Walmart yesterday…

A few days earlier, a Hispanic man had this racist encounter with Lieutenant Dan…

This also happened a few days ago with a Becky…


I’m sure it’s a bunch of other videos I’ve missed…but you get the point.

I don’t know about you all, but I’m ready to see some footage of somebody giving these white supremacists a 2-piece & a biscuit.  I’m surprised we haven’t gotten to this level yet, or maybe we have & for some reason those videos are being suppressed.  Regardless, I think it’s time for people of color to stop peacefully recording white people going off on racial tantrums & just start slapping these muhfuggas on sight.  Better yet, if you are out & about with a friend and come across a white person who wants to talk some racist shit to you, what you should do is this:  1) hand your phone to your friend or family member, 2) tell them to record, 3) ask the racist to repeat their racist shit again, 4) as soon as they repeat it…commence to beating that ass.  If you are solo & experience an encounter like this, just pick a random non-white stranger to hold your phone & then repeat the process.  If you don’t see any non-white strangers, then I guess you need to figure out how to punch with one hand while recording with the other…I don’t know.  The point is this, white people don’t give a fuck more than ever now, so why should you?

Sure, you’ll probably get in trouble with the law.  Sure some other bs might happen to you.  But still, wouldn’t it feel great to have knocked the teeth out of one of these racist bastards while it was on video so that video could be used as motivational footage for another person of color in the future to derive inspiration from if they unfortunately experience a similar encounter?  Think about it. 😬

Your favorite mulatto.


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