Lavar Ball Is The Hero Black America Needs. Deal With It.

Onyx Contributor:  H.T. (@517NightHawk), Podcast:  Lansing Anti-Hero

Lavar Ball recently was on Colin Cowherds show with journalist Kristine Leahy and things got, as Sylvester says, mighty real.

Let me start by saying that to answer Leahy’s question, Big Baller Brand does have a section for women’s wear.  Can it expand?  Yes.  But her assumption that this wasn’t explicitly made about women in some way speaks to why I’ve never fully been in support of Lavar Ball.  Will I buy the ZO2s?  Nope.  But I can scrounge together money for the slides and support him as I can in fact see the point of what he’s trying to accomplish.

See, I can understand why people think this is ludicrous to try and accomplish, but I think this is what many people of my generation miss when people tell us that sacrifices must be made for true liberation.  See, when you don’t start off with the resources to A) quickly undercut the competition and B) mass produce with cheap exploitative labor, this is what you get.

Fact is, Lavar proves that everyone and their incessant demand for black people to rise up is ultimately bullshit as it comes with the asterisk “as long as we don’t offend certain people”.  Did Lavar threaten Leahy?  No, that was basically old black people shorthand for, “karma is going to come back for you.”  At no point is any black man required to curve his speech to anyone to avoid being called hating an entire group of people.  Seriously, Jason Whitlock has made a name for himself being shitty to black athletes left and right.  Hell, the man believes the NBA is suffering because it got too “hip hop” (read:  niggerish) in it.

And of course, Whitlock is the first to defend her against a man who rightfully doesn’t want to deal with someone who hates him for daring to do things his way and not the PC way.  Again, Lavar said he didn’t wanna deal with her on account of she’s been shitting on him for not doing things to her satisfaction.

Lavar is who we need in the age of the progressive who move in ineffective ways to not be seen as a dick to anybody, while the people who wish to move the clock back have ZERO qualms.  We need people willing to be a dick as long as it gets shit done.  It’s why I hate this Tumblr ass social justice these days:  fight for progress but stop short of potentially pissing off certain groups.

Seriously, Lavar wants to do what so many hipsters have bitched about doing but fell short of because they’d rather sit and complain about a lack of support.  Lavar doesn’t care.  He wants results.  He wants to win.  He want to show his sons like many of our fathers showed us that if you want something, be prepared to FIGHT for it.  But the lesson has been lost in the age of social media.  No one wants to get called sexist, or anti-black, or homophobic or a privileged cishet-male.  We go along to get along.  I’m all for being respectful to others, but Lavar has showed how cowardly we’ve gotten these days.

Godspeed, Mr Ball.

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