Whites, Blacks, Gays, Trans, Liberals, Conservatives, Etc. All Get On My Damn Nerves

Random white person reading my blog emailed me asking me why do I hate white people so much.  I found that question rather interesting considering that this person must have just seen one particular article with a particular heading & just formed his entire perception about me based off of that one article that more than likely had the words WHITE PEOPLE in the title.  I get it.  I would assume I hate white people too based off that title and the words within the content of that article.  But here’s the real deal white person reading this:  I don’t hate white people…I can’t stand people of various backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities, sexual orientations, religious preferences, & political beliefs.  It just SEEMS like I hate white people because I have a few years worth of material on here directed towards white people, but don’t get frustrated with me.  Blame your fellow white people for constantly fucking up & providing me endless material to write/podcast about.  White people stay on some bullshit that often times presents lethal consequences to non-white people.  But don’t get it twisted, I call out the bullshit from black people, gays, feminists, liberals, conservatives and everybody else as well, it’s just white people’s shit trumps everything 99.99% of the time.  It’s just the way it is.  I didn’t create this society nor did I make the rules.  I just exist in it like everybody else watching all of the bullshit go down hoping that the bullshit misses me and my family.

In the end white person reading this, I don’t hate anybody.  I strongly dislike a lot of muhfuggas, for good reason.  A lot of people are fucking idiots regardless of what race they are.  I’ve seen them and interacted with them quite frequently.  It’s a lot of dumb ass black people running around as well.  Everything from the hoteps who hate black women to the thug niggas on the block shooting up innocent babies.  It’s a lot of LGBTQIA people who get on my nerves who feel like everybody must bow down to them and accept every single aspect about their lives unconditionally.  Fuck that.  It’s a lot of feminists who get on my nerves (white & black) who feel like every single thing a man does is in someway “oppressing” women.  Religious idiots get on my nerves too.  Political junkies can eat a dick.  Basically, people from every background are rather annoying and I just happen to blog about this shit cause that’s what I do.  But when it comes to white people, you bastards reign supreme in the fuckery department, so that’s why you get the most shine on my site.  Don’t take it personal.

Your favorite mulatto.

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