I Wish My Favorite 90s Singers Were Still Coke Heads…They Made Classic Music

Jodeci has been quite possibly my favorite R&B group of all time since forever now.  My diehard loyalty to Jodeci started when I was about 11 or 12 years old or so in 1991 or 1992 respectively when I cut them in line at an airport.  What had happened was, I was making my annual retreat to my grandparents house for the summer & my parents were dropping me off at the airport, I guess back in those days it wasn’t really that uncommon for a 12 year old to fly by himself, but whatever.  Anyways, I saw 4 dudes walking in the terminal ahead of me wearing those spray painted jackets from their Come & Talk To Me Remix video.  I couldn’t immediately place where I had seen those jackets, so I decided I had to get closer to investigate because it was killing me to know where I saw those jackets.  So as we all approach the ticket person, I purposely cut them in line for some damn reason.  After I cut them, one of them tapped me on my shoulder and said something like, “This lil dude is bold.”  I turned around it was K-Ci.  I didn’t immediately recognize him or get star struck, I just kind of stared at them & then asked, “Where do I know you from?”  K-Ci then replied, “I’m K-Ci…from Jodeci.  We’re Jodeci.”  I was like, “Oh shit, nigga you’re Jodeci!” (that’s what I said in my head…in reality I kind of just stared in disbelievement).  After that, they all smiled and said what up, let me keep my place in line and we went our separate ways.  From then on, I was a fan.

So when I saw this video of K-Ci singing & giving Mary a shoutout, it brought back some memories from my childhood a lil bit…

It didn’t necessarily bring back memories of me meeting Jodeci in the airport, this video really brought back memories of how great R&B used to be when all of my favorite singers were all coked up, high & drunk.  Seeing K-Ci “serenade” his queen who just happened to be the Queen of Hip Hop & RnB just made me feel a certain type of way.  I was immediately teleported back to my preteen and teenage years in the 90s when Jodeci & Mary J. Blige made some of the best music my ears had ever heard thanks to them all being under the influence of drugs and alcohol.  I need those days back.  I need for K-Ci & Mary to get together at least one more time, dip their noses into a pile of cocaine like Scarface, hit a few blunts of the sticky-icky, drank some brown and hop their asses into the booth to create some hits.  I know they both got it in them at least one more time.  I need this in my life.  I cannot handle sober R&B singers that used to be sky high back in the 90s.  I cannot rock with this new age generation of half thug-half moist R&B singers.  I just can’t do it.  I refuse to do it.  I want all of my 90s singers to come to the realization that one of the main reasons their music was so damn fire back in the day was thanks to all of the damn drugs they consumed.  This getting older & sober shit is for the birds.  You are musicians, you are supposed to spend every waking day of your life snorting a line or smoking a blunt so that you can continuously pump out non-stop classics for people like me who are walking around stuck living in yesterday reminiscing on your old music.  If the white boys like Steven Tyler from Aerosmith can do it non-stop for decades now, why the fuck can’t y’all?  I need my drunken high Jodeci back.  I need my nose candy loving Mary J. Blige back.  This shit isn’t fair.  Stop playing with my emotions.  I need my 1994 My Life Mary J. Blige back.  I need my coked up, emotionally confused 1997 I Can Love You Mary back.  I need my Diary of a Mad Band back.

Just stop playing with my feels.  Go find the local dope man, treat your noses properly and get back in the booth so I can relive my teenage years one more time.  The streets need this, well maybe just me.

Your favorite mulatto.
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