The ZO2 Big Baller Brand Is Trash

Onyx Contributor:  Jean DeGrate (@JeanDeGrate)

I didn’t want to say shit about this because I don’t like to talk about what everybody is talking about.  I mean I hate to hop online and see the same shit from every other media outlet and you random people with a data plan on your mobile device.  But, hey when the hell am I going to get another chance to talk shoes to a willing audience?  I know my demographic and I know ya’ll don’t give a flying fuck about what’s on my feet or anyone else for that matter.  So this is my chance and I’m taking it.

I’m all for black business.  I’m all for sticking it to “the man” and creating your own lane.  I’m also all about brand assurance with supersedes the previous 2 mentioned i.e., I exclusively put my child in “name brand” shoes because of reliability and they will stand behind their product.  If Kanye woke up tomorrow and said fuck Adidas I’m about to do my own shit I wouldn’t be on board.  I trust Kanye to make a fire ass beat. I trust Kanye to interrupt an award acceptance speech.  I wouldn’t trust him to do shit else without outside input from a legitimate and respected professional brand especially if it’s something going on my feet.  I’m old school in that aspect but I guess the game has changed in the era of unlicensed food handlers pedaling edibles and plates via social media, diet teas from IG honeys and closets full of clothing from no name online boutiques.


The sneaker game is all about hype.  I couldn’t tell you the best shoe out as far as comfort, durability and performance wise.  I have absolutely no idea but I can tell you which shoes you’ll probably get robbed for and none of them retail for over $350.  The hottest shoe of the year is the Yeezy V2 350 Zebra and it retails at $220 but you can’t find a REAL pair from a trusted source for less than $1800.  After that it’s probably the KAWS x Jordan 4.  Hype sells shoes.  There is no hype to the Big Baller Brand especially with a logo that looks like the official letter head for the Better Business Bureau and a shoe you can’t get on your feet today.  I’m also guessing the shoes are made to order because it’s 6 to 8 weeks for delivery of product with a NO return policy.

The design is a lackluster copycat at best and I’m being really nice right now.  The Jimmy Dolan Shake and Bake 4’s, I mean the ZO2 are pretty much a hybrid of Kobe 11’s, the Under Armour SC 3’s and the Jordan 31’s.  The funny thing about it is, you can own all 3 pairs for less than the price of the ZO2.  The $500 price tag is just ridiculous.  Before we get into all this “You’ll pay $500 plus for some Gucci shoes but you won’t spend it with a black own business.”  Man fuck that and fuck you.  Top tier basketball shoes only average around $175.  Who’s paying $500 for these Mall Cop 11’s that isn’t trying to make a statement?  I don’t even understand the marketing approach especially when Lavar Ball is firing off shit like, “If you can’t afford the ZO2’s, you’re NOT a BIG BALLER!”  Who’s the buyer demographic for a $500 shoe of any kind from a startup company?

Take away the media fanfare and the “black owned” business bit then put them on the shelf at Footlocker for $200 are you buying these?

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