Ladies, Men Looking For Relationships Don’t Give a Damn About Your Accomplishments

As I’m out on these social media streets I notice a lot of women bragging about their educational and/or professional accomplishments as if that shit really impresses dudes.  I’m just going to be honest with you women here:  men looking for a real relationship do not give a damn about your education & professional accomplishments.  We only care about whether or not you possess the basic skill sets to properly nurture a relationship from the feminine perspective.  Everything else you do outside of that is just a bonus.  A woman could have a PhD, but if she can’t prepare a tasty home cooked meal for a man, she will never maintain a longterm relationship.  A woman could be a Fortune 500 executive or own her business, if she can’t come home and tend to her man the way a woman is supposed to tend to & care for her man, that relationship will fail.  Bonkwikwi who barely graduated high school and works at the call center has a better chance of securing a man for the longterm if she knows how to properly tend to her man’s needs as a woman should.  I’m just being real with you.

All of this strong, independent, “Look at me, I’m so accomplished!” rhetoric means absolutely nothing to a man if a woman can’t master the basic role of being a woman who brings to the table feminine traits to balance out the masculine energy he brings to the relationship (or should be bringing).  Speaking of women who like to declare that they are strong & independent, guess what…a man looking for a real relationship doesn’t want you either.  As a matter of fact, a man serves absolutely no purpose in a relationship with a so-called strong & independent woman.  We’re not looking for a woman who likes to boast about her strength whether it is physical, mental or emotional.  We’re looking for a woman who is looking to us to provide the strength in the relationship.  We’re not looking for a woman who claims to be independent.  We want a woman who recognizes that we are dependent upon each other.  All of this strong & independent talk is guaranteed to lead you to a lifetime of being strong & independent all by your lonely.  Real talk, when I was in college almost 20 years ago I knew a woman who loved to claim how strong & independent she was.  She wore that shit like a badge of honor back in the day.  Fast forward almost 20 years later, she’s still strong & independent and hasn’t been able to maintain any type of serious longterm relationship since and yet she still hasn’t figured out why and we are approaching our 40s.  But hey, maybe she’s happy being single, strong & independent…who knows.

For the rest of you out there constantly trying to flaunt your educational & professional accomplishments as if that’s something that’s going to attract you a man, you’re kidding yourself.  Sure we’ll applaud you and acknowledge the accomplishments, but that’s not about to make a man want to commit to you.  If you want to a man to commit to you then you need to get back to the basics of understanding what makes a man the most satisfied when it comes to a woman.  Can you cook, can you fulfill me sexually, can you be feminine but most importantly, can you let me lead?  If not, then a real man looking for a commitment will not consider you a worthy partner.

For the “You’re a misogynist!” crowd out there…sure, I’ll be that if it makes you happy.  But my so-called misogyny has allowed me for to be married to a woman for 11 years now who not only is accomplished in her professional life, but she can cook her ass off and knows how to treat her man and in return, I go all out everyday to provide the best life for her that I can offer, which is pretty damn great & continually getting better as the days progress compared to a lot of you out there.

Your favorite mulatto.
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