Social Media Is Turning Black Men Into a Bunch of B!tches

It’s one thing to be flat out disrespectful to black women online like that dude Tommy Sotomayor, but it’s another thing to constantly pander to the feels of black women in order to remain on their good side for fear of offending them due to legit criticism.  As of lately, I’m seeing a whole bunch of black dudes bow down to black women to win favor with them after being chin checked by black women on comments they have made in regards to certain issues, such as:  this Shea Moisture drama & Jesse Williams leaving his black wife for a white woman (or at least that’s the rumor).  It’s rather sad & pathetic to witness a black man voice his opinion on a subject to be met with the rebuttal from a black woman stating something to the effect of, “Stay in your lane!” and then this black man literally jumping back into his lane since he doesn’t have a natural vagina between his legs; he’s somehow off limits from voicing his opinion on a popular topic…especially a topic that surrounds black society.  Like, where the fuck do they do that at?  Since when have topics within black society become “gender specific”?  Who the hell is out here making these rules concerning conversations?  More importantly, why are so many black men voluntarily allowing themselves to be castrated for voicing an opinion on a subject that black women may be more in their feels about?  The hell…

This is why I talk about everybody.  White, black, male, female, gay, straight, the other letters of the LGBT alphabet, etc.  All of y’all can get an opinion served up to you with a side order of “fuxx outta here” if you feel I am prohibited from expressing my opinion on a subject that I may find interesting enough to give an opinion on.  A black woman left a comment on my Facebook fan page telling me that I need to stay in my lane in regards to this Shea Moisture foolishness I beautifully pointed out.  I started to tell her to eat a dick, but white Jesus spoke to me and told me to just ignore her, and for some reason I did.  Normally I would have given her the business, but…whatever.  Anyways, I thought about that message of “stay in your lane” for a few days trying to figure out exactly why I’m supposed to “stay in my lane” and then I saw another black woman tell another black man to “stay in his lane” earlier in regards to this Jesse Williams topic.  I’ve been sitting here trying to figure out exactly who promoted black women to the position of handing out “stay in your lane” penalty cards because black men are giving opinions on subjects that black women, for whatever reason, are taking near and dear to their hearts.  Here’s the thing black women, you don’t control shit on the internet as far as discourse goes in regards to a subject.  If a black man (or any man for that matter) wants to state his opinion on a subject that black women feel some type of way about, then guess what…how about you stay your muhfuckin’ ass in your lane and let my opinion just flow.  Who the fuck are you?

I think a lot of women have run rampant with the classic, “The black woman is the most disrespected woman” line by Malcolm X to the point of where any time a black woman receives any type of genuine criticism no matter how respectful, it is automatically deemed as disrespectful.  I also think a lot of men have allowed this to impact how they maneuver on social media because they are always striving to remain within the good graces of black women EVEN IF black women are out there fucking up with a legit reason to be called out.  And the simple fact that it’s so many black men ready to bow down so quickly in order to not to be accused of disrespecting black women basically makes way too many of you a bunch of bitches at the end of the day.  This bitchassness quality that too many of you moist males have embraced to upkeep a certain image about yourself online to a bunch of black women you don’t know in real life just further adds moisture to the moistness to further convince black women en masse that a lot of you dudes simply aren’t worthy of being respected by black women period.  Think about it, when’s the last time you saw a black man tell a black woman to “stay in her lane” when discussing a topic about black society that black men may feel a certain type of way about?  You never see it.  Black women chime in, give their 2 cents and keep it pushing, but when it comes to black men, these women are beating you niggas down bad to the point where these women literally have you niggas tip toeing all over social media to make sure every letter you type isn’t displaying your so-called “male privilege”.  How about this for some so-called “male privilege”:  grab your nuts and man up.  Stop letting black women punk you online.  Speak your piece, respectfully of course to the best of your ability, but stop letting these women feel as if you are not allowed to express your opinion on anything that they may be in their feels about the most.  The fuck outta here with the bullshit.  Black women do not own the discourse of conversation period.

Anyways…that’s my rant for today.

Your favorite mulatto.

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