Is Jesse Williams Fuxxing You? If Not, Then Why Do You Care If He’s Dating a White Chick?

Why do black people care about Jesse Williams’ married/dating life?  What’s it to you?  Is he sleeping with you or do you have fantasies of sleeping with him?  If not, then why are you all caught up in your feels about this mulatto guy leaving his black wife and dating a white chick?  Is it simply the fact that he’s dating a white chick that bothers you all?  What if he left his wife for another black woman, would this be a topic?  Probably not.  But since he went and got him a Becky, well black people (men & women) are all up in their feels as usual.  DAMN YOU BECKY…ALWAYS STARTING SHIT WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY!!! 😡

Here’s the thing:  Jesse Williams can date who the fuck he wants if he and his wife are getting a divorce.  And guess what, he’s not restricted from dating a white chick either if that’s what he prefers.  Last time I checked Jesse Williams is half white, so it’s not like he’s “abandoning” who he is.  But for black people…well, we all know what the real deal is when it comes to us mulattos.  Anyways, the real problem black people have is that Jesse Williams went on BET last year giving his version of a Black Girl Magic speech (in conjunction with some racism & police brutality talking points) and he had black women all across America feeling extra special and appreciated.  Nothing wrong with that, although I do find it rather interesting how quite a few black people took issue with a biracial man speaking up on black society’s behalf to address these systemic issues.  But anyways…he had black women feeling all extra special, loved & adored.  Once again, nothing wrong with that.  But I guess his public admiration for black women along with publicly praising his black wife that night were enough for black society to declare him to be 100% their “black” man whom shall be only allowed to get into personal relationships with black women only.  Well, turns out Jesse Williams didn’t get the memo.

You fucked up Jesse Williams.  How dare you go out there and leave that black woman that’s been holding you down for who knows how long for whatever reason that’s between the both of you that shouldn’t be anybody else’s damn business but you & your wife.  How dare you reenter the world of dating as a soon to be divorced man & go get you a white woman, regardless of the fact that you yourself are half white.  How dare you offend black society for not strictly keeping yourself into the confines of black “love” to prove that you are pro black despite the fact that if it wasn’t for an interracial relationship, your “black” ass wouldn’t be here in the first damn place.  How dare you entertain the thought of dating someone from the racial group that makes up half of your DNA.  Nigga have you lost your mind?  Apparently you have is the word out on these black internet streets these days.  Just saying bruh…shit is real.  You’re being messy Jesse.

Here’s the thing Jesse, just be proud in knowing that so many black women adore you and so many black men are more than likely jealous of you because it’s so many black women on your nuts that are not their nuts.  This is kind of how life is for us mulattos.  It is what it is.  We make pretty babies…just saying (not saying that black babies aren’t pretty before the feels patrol shows up).  I’m just saying what’s always been said to me coming from black people themselves is all I’m saying.  But I digress on that point.

But anyways, if you are black woman and you all of sudden hate Jesse Williams simply because he got himself a Becky and his new Becky has somehow trumped everything he’s ever said and stood for in regards to black society & black women in your eyes, then you have to ask yourself if you ever truly admired this guy or did you just simply want to fuck him?  If you are a black guy who all of a sudden hates Jesse Williams because of his Becky, is your hate predicated off of him getting a Becky or is this hate simply because you secretly loathe to have a Becky as well but you are just too afraid to come out of the closet to simply be you?  I mean at the end of the day, why does it bother you so much?  Are you fucking Jesse Williams?

Your favorite mulatto.
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