Black Men Honestly Think They Own Serena Williams

I was trying to avoid this topic about Serena Williams being pregnant by her white fiancé simply because I honestly do not give a damn, but I keep seeing bullshit from black dudes popping up in my timeline to where these knee grows are expressing their downright anger, hate & disgust towards this woman for having the audacity to: A) get engaged to a white guy & B) get pregnant by him.  These idiots honestly feel like Serena committed an unforgivable sin by getting with a white dude and later becoming pregnant by him.  To make matters worse, they are even attacking the unborn child and I’m just like…it’s no wonder she’s with a white dude.  Why in the fuck would she want to entertain a bunch of dusty niggas who feel like she is indebted to them.  Knee grows are losing their damn minds on these internet streets…too include a bunch of dusty ass black women who cosign these niggas.

Here’s the thing:

Serena Williams ain’t your property nigga.

Serena nor any other black woman is the property of black men.  If a black woman wants to get with a white dude and then eventually get their love on to create more people like me (which is a great thing by the way)…then who the fuck are you niggas to tell her she can’t?  Seriously, who are you bum ass niggas?  What makes you knee grows think that black women are the exclusive property of black men?  What makes you think that black women are property at all for that matter?  What makes you think just because Serena’s father is black and played an integral part in getting Serena & Venus to where they are in life that that somehow means Serena must remain loyal to dating/marrying/procreating with a black man? (see meme below)  Who the fuck is writing these stupid ass rules that you idiots are blindly following?  That’s not how any of this shit operates in the real world.  If a black person wants to get with a non-black person to build a life with, then that’s their business.  Who the hell are you to state otherwise?

Black men (and the black women who cosign this foolishness) are just pathetic at the end of the day.  And you know who these niggas are?  It’s a bunch of internet dudes that no real black woman with good sense wants to be with in the first damn place.  The only women they can pull are more than likely low self-esteem women who’ve yet to learn to value themselves beyond the ideals of crusty dusty niggas who never amounted to anything after graduating high school (assuming they graduated).  That’s what this is all about.  This is about a bunch of dudes who can’t fathom the idea of an extremely successful black woman like Serena Williams getting with a white dude because these niggas know damn well they do not have the skill sets, ambition, or drive to match a woman like her.  So they hop on the internet with their fake pro-black talking points talking about much of a bed wench she is for dating outside of the black race to mask their inability to grow up to become something other than another useless nigga with a Facebook account.  To make the shit even more laughable and pathetic, these niggas are all online talking about, “She gonna get her nigga wakeup call…she’s kicked out of black society permanently…she’s not our problem anymore…blah blah blah”.  These fools speak as if Serena Williams somehow needs these fools for support.  You think her life is going to suffer because a bunch of social media niggas have voted to kick her out of black society as if your vote actually means something in real life?  You think that she’s honestly gonna come running to you clowns if she encounters a racial problem like you actually have the means do something on her behalf?  What in the fuck can you niggas do for her that she can’t do for herself?  Who the fuck are you niggas?  Seriously.

It’s no wonder why so many black women don’t wanna fuck you all….why would they?  They would be out of their damn mind to do so.

Your favorite mulatto.
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