Black Women’s Fake Outrage Over Shea Moisture Commercial

So this commercial caused a whole bunch of fake outrage on social media today…

You know, sometimes I just look at black people and just shake my head for how easily agitated over the most trivial bullshit black people can get.  Seriously, I wonder if black people realize how foolish they look to everybody too include other black people when it comes to getting outraged over simple dumb shit like this.  I doubt it.

So in case you haven’t heard, black women all over the internet are pissed off because Shea Moisture debuted a commercial featuring a light skin woman and a few Becky’s talking about how they love their hair since they obviously use Shea Moisture…at least they were paid to say that.  Well, apparently the commercial was missing something very crucial…BLACK WOMEN, minus the last 5 seconds or so of the ad that showed a small image of a dark skin black woman.  Apparently this commercial was enough for black women to run to social media to express their outrage, disapproval & post about how they will no longer be supporting the company due to so-called “erasure of black women” from that ad.  I guess a bunch of black women feel like light skin women & white women are taking over the company, despite the company being owned by 2 Africans from Liberia.

Anyways, I noticed something very interesting in regards to this fake outrage.  If you visit Shea Moisture’s Facebook fan page and their YouTube channel you’ll notice that something stands out immediately.  Guess what it is?


Yes, black women.  If you casually scroll up and down their Facebook fan page, YouTube channel & their Instagram page, damn near every image or video you see features a black woman.  And not just any ole black woman, it’s a bunch of DARK SKIN black women featured all over their social media.  So it begs the question:  What is all of this fake outrage over this ONE commercial they created featuring a light skin woman & a few white women?  What…are light skin women & white women prohibited from using this product too?  Is this product supposed to only be exclusive to brown & dark skin women only?  I mean seriously, as far as I can tell, this company has gone above & beyond to represent black women in all of their forms of visual media.

It’s rather funny how I’ve read from quite a few black women talking about how they felt they were being erased and not included due to that commercial, but every thing from Shea Moisture screams the opposite.  In fact, the only person who could have a legit gripe about potential erasure or exclusion would be white women.  White women are the most underrepresented demographic within Shea Moisture’s visual media.  So what, they put a few Becky’s in this commercial to appeal to the white women demographic so they can hopefully increase their bottom line.  Shame on them. 😕  This company has been catering to black women for gawd knows how long now AND they have the visual marketing evidence to prove it.

So black women, what the hell is all of this fake outrage about?

Side Note:  I wonder how many black women still frequent Asian hair care & manicure stores after a few Asian store owners beat up a few black women a couple of weeks ago? 🤔


Well, well, well…what do we have here?  Turns out that this so-called “controversial” ad that has had black women all up in their feels leading them to abandon a company that has been servicing black women for 27 years was actually just ONE video in a series of 24 videos to be released.  This series features a variety of different women to include…..wait for it…..BLACK WOMEN.  Oh my. 😳

So my assessment of black women’s fake outrage over a 60 second Facebook video was correct.  Watch the video below to hear from the owner of the company yourself.

Your favorite mulatto.


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