Steve Stephens Killed Himself Because They Wouldn’t Let Him Buy NBC

As you all are aware by now, or should be, some deranged psychopath all in his feels over breaking up with his girlfriend decided to take his frustration out on an elderly gentleman named Robert Godwin by shooting Mr. Godwin point blank in the head while streaming live to Facebook.  After he executed Robert Godwin, Steve Stephens decided to hop back into his car, put his cell phone in one hand to start another live stream to Facebook, call one of his homeboys with another cell phone to talk about how he killed 13 people and how he plans to keep on killing more people all because his girlfriend dumped him.  Keep in mind, we are talking about a 37 year old man here, not some 15 year old kid.  We are talking about a grown ass 6 foot 1, 250+ pound man who just happened to work in a profession dealing with troubled teens (of all people).  We’re talking about a grown ass man who apparently felt so desperate for attention that he just had to execute a complete stranger on Facebook Live for the whole world to witness just so that he could feel some semblance of people acknowledging his pathetic existence.  This is the world we live in folks.  Live streaming murders for attention.  But you know what, that’s not the only pathetic part about this senseless tragedy.  You know what else is pathetic?  It’s the constant excuses black people are making about this guy with their COONspiracies about the gubment & da white man somehow being in on this to either distract black people or some other dumb ass shit.  I swear, there are way too many truly dumb ass black people walking around pretending to be all arty smarty online.

I swear, sometimes I truly hate black people.  I really do.

So there we have it folks, it’s COONspiracy season once again.  Niggas just refuse to accept personal responsibility and accountability for anything negative.  A knee grow will accept full responsibility for his ability to cop the latest pair of J’s or to acquire some pussy, but when it comes to making a nigga accept responsibility for his own actions for some heinous shit like killing an old man live on Facebook…OH NO…somehow someway the government must be involved, Armageddon is upon us all, it’s a secret plan to initiate a war within the black community so black folks can be slaughtered, mind control.  It’s everything but this dead nigga’s fault.  How convenient.  Even in death, black folks refuse to hold deceased niggas accountable.  This shit is pathetic.  This is why nobody too include a lot of black people take black people seriously.  How can you?  Too many of you niggas have been allowed to gain access to the internet and social media and just spout off pure nonsense only to have a bunch of idiots reciprocate their love for your bullshit leading you to believe that you are actually intelligent.  Reality is, too many of you bum ass niggas who hop on the COONspiracy train every time a black person is killed are really no different from that of Steve Stephens…you are just begging for somebody to acknowledge your pathetic pointless existence.

Your favorite mulatto.
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