“Carefree” Black Boys Will Save No One

Onyx Contributor:  H.T. (@517RedHood), Podcast:  Lansing Anti-Hero

As I write this, there is a man who on Easter, began a Facebook streamed murder rampage.  And right on cue, Twitter devolved into a frenzy of “Black men are trash” tweets by people who have built followers, and ultimately customers for their brands.  Yes, because ONE more crazy SOB decided to kill a woman because she hurt his feelings, now we’re ALL supposed to fall on the fucking sword.  Ech.


Let me start by saying yes, Men DO need to do better and that yes, there are certain things we as men consider strong masculine traits that need to die as they really are counter productive.  We don’t need to praise every guy who gets laid a lot as frankly this is why you have grown men living off women with no actual place of their own but because women want them and men want to be them, they have no incentive to do better.  We also need to stop teaching men that you need to flirt with every girl you see, that it’s okay to use mind impairing substances to get women to have sex with them and we really need to make ACTUAL monogamous relationships not only trendy again, but healthy along with teaching men to make something of themselves FOR women as frankly the reason so many dudes out here remain trash people is BECAUSE there’s a lot of women who put up with shit dudes and for the average heterosexual male, a lack of or surplus of attention from women is a big factor for their path in life.

But when it comes to womens’ attention, some women have decided that when it comes to men that they both want to see and feel as though black people need; y’all have decided to promote the idea of “Carefree” black men.  Now this would not be a problem if the agenda wasn’t clear as day; the agenda being that because masculinity in its current form has become a problem, rather than promote a much more nuanced ideal of men we’ve come to this:


The problem isn’t that we’re promoting a more feminized image of men.  The problem is everyone isn’t with it, and even the respectful dissenting opinions are being treated like bigotry.  To say you liked things better when guys just dressed like the average guy dressed is seen as hate towards “Carefree” black boys, but really it’s us wishing that we could go back to a time when preferring something didn’t mean we hated any and all alternatives .

Frankly, this is how I know social justice as it goes for the millennial generation isn’t built for the real world as this movement just sounds like someone who wants to see more of something on social media and uses political jargon they learned on social media to justify why it needs to exist.  People really are at the point that not agreeing with them as they see fit means you hate an entire segment of society, no matter HOW ridiculous they may sound.

And this is where the idea of the Carefree Black Boys comes from:  people who ADMIT that not only do they not like masculinity, but that heterosexuality itself is problematic.  Honestly, if these women are not attracted to men, fine.  But no amount of emasculation or feminizing will save black women from the types of black men who really are the problem.  If anything, this will only embolden more men to be problematic seeing as this new ideal for men is and has gained momentum over the years, the ideal being that men need to reject masculinity and carry their heterosexuality as a burden of privilege.  If anything, the truly shitty men are getting WORSE, but the men who do stand up to defend women from them are now the bad guys too because now protecting women from a guy whos stronger than her is sexist.  Hell, even the “sex positive” movement is catching heat because said people think it ignores asexual people!

If this is where the woke collective of black social justice want to take things, fine.  But do NOT complain if and when sizable numbers of society chooses to not go along with your eggshell dance.  Social media has been developed and curated on social media, an environment where any idea can exist unchallenged if need be and real life application never factors in, we’ve come to this:  a time when because one group exists predominantly because of basic biology, now they need to be reeducated into the image of a small few of society who feel as though because THEY’RE bohemian hipster communes on the net and maybe in real life work out so well, why can’t the world do it?

Much of society likes masculine heterosexual men.  Just because YOU like the peculiar young men that dress like women and view men who are sexually attracted to women as a inconvenience, does not mean we ALL have to pay for it.  You want carefree black boys?  Fine.  But do NOT assume your hero is EVERYONE’S hero.

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