I’d Rather Listen To The Migos Than Kendrick Lamar

I fail to see what everybody else pretends to see when it comes to Kendrick Lamar.  I really do.  Sure…Kendrick can rap, but that’s not necessarily something unique to him even amongst the world of mumble rap that surrounds him.  It’s plenty of knee grows who can rap.  Sure, he talks about social issues.  Once again, that’s nothing special.  It’s plenty of knee grows discussing social issues.  The problem is…Kendrick Lamar is boring.  As in, every time I hear a song by him, I just want to go to sleep.  His music does nothing for me.  His music is just truly boring.

I think I’ve reached a point in my life where I’m not really interested in hearing a bunch of social commentary laced “woke” rap music.  I can pick up a book or tune into a podcast to get all of that if I desire to.  I’m at a point where I just want to hear some shit that makes me feel good.  I want to hear some rap music that allows me to temporarily escape to a mental place where I can let my inner nigga just run wild and free.  I want to hear rap music that paints elaborate tales about selling dope so I can fantasize for about 4 minutes what life could be like if I were selling dope, despite not having a single dope boy bone in my body.  I want to hear rap music that describes what it’s like to be high as a crack head even though I do not abuse drugs (I don’t even really drink alcohol).  I want to hear rap songs calling women bitches.  I want to hear rap songs that promote every horrible stereotype about black society to constantly remind me of all of the wonderful decisions I made in my life to NOT become a negative stereotype.  Matter of fact, every thing about my life is the complete opposite of your stereotypical rap song, but still…I wanna indulge in some ratched rap music just because the beats often times are amazing.  And that’s what it really boils down to I guess…the beats.

I’m a fan of The Migos, not because these dudes are great rappers.  To be honest, lyrically they suck ass.  BUT…I like their simple ass catchy shit because they often times have catchy ass beats behind those simple ass nursery rhymes that sounds nice in the whip.  See here’s the thing, there are only 2 times that I mainly listen to rap music and those 2 times are:  1) when I’m in the gym & 2) when I’m in my car by myself.  Outside of that, I’m not really listening to hip hop.  Kendrick Lamar’s style of rap doesn’t hype me up to want to go into the gym & turn into a man-beast thinking that after I lift these weights I’m about to fuck some people up if they try me.  Kendrick Lamar’s rap music doesn’t excite me when I’m sitting in my car fighting traffic trying to make it to the grocery store to buy another box of diapers for my 2 year old son.  His music just doesn’t do it for me.  I don’t want to think about social ills at the gym.  I don’t want to strain my ears in an attempt to break down his lyrics as I’m stuck at a red light.  I just wanna hear some shit that takes me away from my real life for a few minutes.  That’s it.  You see my real life consists of a wife, 2 young kids, a mortgage payment, stacking emergency & retirement funds, attending soccer practice/games for my 10 year old son, letting my youngest son use my body as his personal trampoline, fixing shit around my house that my kids constantly aim to destroy, hanging out in the gym for an hour trying to convince myself that I can look like my 20 year old self one more time before 40 hits.  You know…real life grown man married with kids shit.  I don’t have time to sit around & figure out what in the hell Kendrick Lamar is saying or attempting to say.  Truth be told, I don’t want to dedicate unnecessary time trying to figure it out.  I just want rap artists to help me temporarily teleport to a land full of bitches, hoes, drugs & nigga trinkets for a few minutes out of my day.  That’s it.  If I want to get woke, I’ll read a book (speaking of which, I’ve been slacking on lately).

For those of you who think I’m hating, please identify the hate?  You ever notice how people who like to say “you just hating” or “you’re a hater” can never articulate the reasoning they believe such hating is taking place?  Anyways…I don’t hate Kendrick Lamar.  I’m just saying, his music is not for me.  It may be for you, but I simply don’t understand why, nor am I really interested in trying to figure out why.  I got too much shit going on in my life that doesn’t require any extra shit that’s going to require me to dedicate time trying to analyze some shit expressed in a poetic manner.  Just entertain me with escapades about niggatry for a few minutes each day and nigga, I’m gone be alright (I do like this song tho).

Your favorite mulatto.

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