Surgically Enhanced Or Just Natural? I Prefer Natural

So this popped up today…

So let me just preface this by saying that I’m not much of a fan of Kendrick Lamar.  Dude has skills but his music just doesn’t connect with me at all, so understand that I am definitely not writing this from a fanboy perspective.

Anyways, Kendrick released a new song called Humble where he was basically praising women for being natural and of course Shea Butter Twitter wasn’t having it.  Apparently they took his praise of women with natural body parts as a diss towards women whom prefer to surgically enhance their bodies.  *le sigh*  Black people just love to argue over the most dumb shit just for the sake of arguing over dumb shit.  Well, I cosign Kendrick in his affinity for natural women.  And women who take issue with his preference are a bunch of idiots.

Look, there are plenty of rap artists out there praising women with fake tits & fake asses.  There are plenty of dudes running around worshipping women with fake tits & fake asses.  There are plenty of women running around championing the image of women paying for fake tits & fake asses.  And guess what…I don’t see Shea Butter Twitter taking issue with any of those people.  Hell, Nicki Minaj (the poster child of fake tits & fake asses) recently told Remy Ma to stop “surgery shaming”…I didn’t even realize that was a thing to be honest.  But nevertheless, the point is, fake tits & fake asses are everywhere you look and nobody is crying on a massive scale about all of these artificially enhanced body parts.  But when it comes to a guy praising women who choose not artificially enhance their bodies, all of a sudden it’s a problem.

Here’s the thing ladies:  there are guys out there who like fake body parts and there are guys out there who like natural body parts.  A guy’s decision to celebrate his preference in no way subtracts from your self-esteem to cherish the opposite.  If I like a natural big booty (which I do) over that of a hydrogel ass, then why the fuck do you care?  If I like a woman with some natural God-given breastesses over that of a plastic surgeon providing you your extra perky ta-tas…once again, why the fuck do you care?  You getting fake tits & a hydrogel ass isn’t to attract people like me to begin with.  “B-b-but…who says I’m getting all this done for men to begin with?!  I’m doing this for me!”  Shut up chick.  Just shut up.  Nobody believes that bullshit, not even you.

I see absolutely no issue at all with a man praising a woman for her natural body.  None…at…all.  The mere fact that this is even a discussion shows just how mentally fucked up a lot of you are out there to the point where your self-esteem appears to be so damn low that you reject the notion of a man who would find beauty in who you are (or used to be) BEFORE the surgical enhancements.  Seriously, how fucking stupid is that.  How about you just accept the reality that not all men are attracted to women with paid-for body parts.  How about you just come to terms with the idea that there are men out here who have no issues with how Mother Nature & God designed you.

“B-b-but…European ideals on what beauty is the reason for the enhancements…blah blah blah”

Just shut up already.  If you want your fake boobs & hydrogel asses, have at it.  Nobody’s stopping you.  Sure, people like me may look at you funny because the reality is, a lot of you do look funny especially with these ridiculously gigantic asses somehow being held up by these pixie stick legs.  So yeah, a knee grow like me will stare in disappointment, but I’m not about to tell you that you shouldn’t get the enhancements.  Why?  Why should I?  I’m not pursuing you.  That shit isn’t attractive to me, but I imagine it’s attractive to somebody out there.  So I will not be giving you any praise or props.  I will stay giving all the natural body sistas props privately and publicly because natural bodies is what I am attracted to.  And if my attraction to natural bodies and my public celebration & approval of women with natural bodies is a problem for you…then guess, that’s just your fucking problem to deal with.

Your favorite mulatto.
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