I Don’t Blame Black Women For Not Wanting A Black Man. I Fully Understand Now.

I’ll admit that I used to feel a certain type of way when I would see a black woman online saying “niggas ain’t shit”, they would rather get with a non-black guy, or “niggas don’t protect black women” etc.  That shit used to irk the hell out of me to the point where I even wrote about it not too long ago.  Why did it irk?  No real reason other than I refused to believe that the men these black women were talking about actually existed in such large numbers that it wasn’t even worth complaining about.  But shit happens & perspectives change.

A story recently came out about a 15 year old young black girl who was kidnapped off the streets in Chicago by some local gang members who then proceeded to brutally rape her AND STREAM HER RAPE LIVE ON FACEBOOK WHILE AT LEAST 40 PEOPLE WATCHED IT.  I shit you not.  To add even more fire to this story, I got a friend who lives in Chicago who has stated to me that the mother & the daughter, who was raped, are receiving death threats because the mother knows who one of the rapists is.  Seriously, this cannot be life right now.  This shit is just unfucking believable.

Well, to express my downright utter disgust, anger & frustration in regards to this young woman being brutally savaged in such a horrendous manner that was put on display for the world to witness, I typed this status update on Facebook:

Reasons like this are why I wouldn’t loose any sleep if Donald Trump sent the feds into Chicago to deal with these savages.  If I was still in the military & Trump deployed me to Chicago to execute these animals, I would proudly do it.  Unfortunately, this rampant bastard baby making hoodrat culture will protect these animals.

As you can imagine I got a lot of cheers from people who honestly could not believe something like this happened, but what followed next convinced me that maybe I’ve been wrong about black women in regards to their feelings about how they do not feel black men respect them & are capable of protecting them.  What proceeded to follow was an onslaught of comments from black men (some with daughters) who appeared to take a BIGGER issue my anger along with my “solution” of state sanctioned executions of these rabid dogs who raped this young girl than they appeared to be actually angry at the savages who raped the girl.  Sure they said they found it disgusting but they decided to focus their attention solely on my absolute disgust with hoodrat culture which allowed these savages & other goons who constantly terrorize innocent people in black communities to fester & spread their urban terrorist psychosis for so damn long.  Basically I’m saying, these niggas took more offense at ME for being outraged than they were at the animals who brutalized this young woman.  They especially took issue when I said I wouldn’t have any issue with state sanctioned executions of these barbarians.  Hell, I prefer for it be a public execution.  Hang them niggas upside down and chop their dicks off and let them bleed out, then set them on fire.  Yeah, it’s that damn serious with me for the type of punishment these animals deserve.  And I make no apologies for it.  BUT THESE OTHER NIGGAS…oh my fucking gawd.  These niggas honestly wanted to sit on my profile and attempt to explain the racism white supremacy angle, the socioeconomic angle, this that & third angle….EVERY FUCKING THING EXCEPT FOR HOLDING THESE SAVAGES ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS OF GANG RAPING A 15 YEAR OLD GIRL ON FACEBOOK LIVE.  These are the type of niggas out here who are quick to get online to support the #SayHerName hashtag in order to put on a front like they stand in solidarity with black women, but when it’s actually time to SAY HER NAME…oh no, it’s time to focus on “da whyte man and whyte s’premacy”.  Fuck that!  How about focusing on these fucking rabid dogs that morphed into the shape of humans who raped this young black woman!  How bout that nigga!  Can we do that?  Fuck all your white supremacy socioeconomic arguments!  White supremacy & socioeconomics had shit to do with this pack of wild dogs snatching this young woman up & raping her while streaming the rape live on Facebook.  White supremacy & socioeconomics don’t have a fucking thing to do with people sending this child & her mother death threats after the fact because the mother can identify one of the rapists.  NONE OF THAT SHIT HAS SHIT TO DO WITH SHIT.  This young woman was fucking raped LIVE on Facebook and you wanna sit here and talk about the fucking white man, their system or how you are upset at my outrage. Fuck you all you niggas who think like this.

This is why I now fully understand why black women do not want to fuck with you dusty mentally challenged niggas.  What black woman in her fucking mind would honestly want to entertain a nigga who wants to discuss everything in the world to explain why this young black woman was raped other than the only fucking reason which is, a bunch of niggas that are a product of bastard baby making hoodrat culture decided to VOLUNTARILY rape this young woman?!  You niggas are fucking pathetic and any black woman who makes the mistake of dating/marrying and possibly procreating with you, she’s got to be a fucking idiot too.  It’s no wonder why so many black women don’t feel safe around black men.  It’s no wonder why so many black women prefer to date outside the race, to which has never bothered me…the world needs more mulatto babies like me.  It’s no wonder why so many black women feel no loyalty to you niggas simply because you are the same race.  Too many of you niggas do not honestly give a shit about black women period.  But that’s not the real issue, the real issue is that too many of you niggas have mastered the art of fooling everybody into thinking you are quite possibly a decent black man, too include fooling other men!  Which is why I was in such a stupor for so long because I honestly did not want to believe that it was way more of you out there than I had convinced myself of.

What a fucking shame to know it’s so many black “men” roaming this country who really do not give a fuck about black women at all.  You niggas are fucking pathetic.

Your favorite mulatto.


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